Bakery Black Out

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I'm a baker, you know? I love my job, the smells, the tastes, the people, just everything.

I've been working here since I was taken on in school. I've worked my way up from sweeping up crumbs to actually baking cakes! It's my dream job.

I work very long hours, starting at 5 am most days, and not getting home til around 7pm, but the money was excellent, so I didn't mind too much.

This week though, I've been feeling so tired. I don't know if I'm coming down with something, I hope not, so I've been going to bed by 9 and taking vitamins.

Today, is Friday, the end of an extremely busy week. It seems that the world and it's wife wants fancy cakes, pies and desserts.

"Harry love, slow down a bit, don't rush it!" My boss, Babs says.  Babs is like my second Mum.

"It's ok. I still have another cake to get ready by noon." I say, wiping my brow on my apron.

The kitchen is always so bloody hot, despite the air con, but it's also the hottest day of the year so far, I've already drank two bottles of water and I'm sweating like a pig!

"Harry... Mrs Davies is here for her cake. Is it ready yet?" My older colleague, Louis, asks me.

"Yeah. Hang on Lou, just boxing it up. Be out in a sec!" I puff as I struggle to get the enormous cake in two separate boxes.

"Hello Mrs Davies. Hope you like it. One of my best yet!" I say to the customer as she pays.

"Thanks Harry, I'm sure it'll be wonderful. You do the best cakes." She smiles as she shakes my sweaty palm.

I bid her goodbye and head back to the Furness, I mean kitchen.

I start on the next cake. I really could do with some air, but I at least need to get this in the oven first.

I'm mixing all the ingredients to start off a graduation cake, when I suddenly feel dizzy.

I bend my head down, trying to relieve the horrible feeling. It seems to work, so I carry on.

It's getting hotter, and I swear to god I'm actually melting. Someone will come in finding a pool of water where I used to be.

My head starts aching now too, which is frustrating.

I have to put my head in my hands for a while, leaning on the counter. I take a few deep breaths, but breathing in hot air does nothing.

I feel myself wobble a bit, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pass out.


My legs give way, I clutch onto the mixer, as blackness takes over my body.



I wake up in a bright white room.

Urgh, turn these fucking lights off, I think.

Where the hell am I? I don't feel good.

My head hurts a lot. I lift my hand up and feel a bandage wrapped around it.


The door opens and My Mum walks in.

"Oh Harry! Thank god you're awake now. We were so worried." She says as she kisses my cheek.

"What happened?" I asked, still remembering nothing.

She sat next to me. "You passed out at work love. As you went down, you pulled the mixer down on top of you. Luckily it wasn't plugged in. But it hit your head, they think you might have concussion. So they want you to stay in here tonight." She explained.

Now I remember.

"Oh" I said. "I remember feeling so hot....oh my god the cake!" I jumped up in a panic, making my head pound.

"Harry lay back down, it's all under control, don't worry." Mum said, as I laid back.

I worry too much!

"You gave everyone quite a scare you know! Babs was in tears.

"Shit. I'm sorry!" I said sadly. "Tell her I'm ok?"

"Will do. Now don't you go worrying about work for a while. Babs says you have some holiday due, she wants you to take it straight away."

I nodded my head. Ouch that hurts!

"Now..." Mum starts, "...when you get home, you must take it easy. I know you've been pushing yourself, doing too much."

"Yes Mum!" I say, with a smile.

"I mean it Harry. This could've been a lot worse. You need to look after yourself. If you don't...then I will!" She was being very serious.

"Ok Mum I promise." I said as she hugged me.

I love my Mum.


I can't sleep. I'm still feeling really hot, my head hurts like buggery and I'm hungry. The food in this place sucks arse.

What I would give for a McDonald's.

Now I need the bloody toilet. Urgh!

I get myself up off of the bed, and walk slowly to the bathroom.

I'm feeling a bit dizzy again.

I make it to the toilets, deciding to go into a stall and sit down to pee, in case I pass out mid-flow, that could be embarrassing!

I sit and relieve myself, that feels better. Now I just have to get myself back off the bloody toilet!

I lean against the wall as I carefully remove my bum from the seat, taking some deep breaths, I flush then go wash my hands. They're shaking a bit.

The dizziness is getting worse. I'm assuming it's cos I'm tired and hungry, I better get back to bed quick!

I get out of the door and make it halfway back to my bed, when the blackness reappears.

Hello readers. Hope you've had a good day? I've had a headache since last night :(

Anyone want a part two, or something else?

Requests are always welcome, as sometimes my mind goes blank.

Take care.

All the love xxx

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