Brendon Urie's Sister by ellslikesbands
Brendon Urie's Sisterby ellie
Finley is Brendon Urie's teenage sister, with a burning passion for photography. And she has a summer project: take photos, interesting ones. What could be more interest...
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Brendon Urie Imagines and Smuts by brendonboydpatd
Brendon Urie Imagines and Smutsby x Random Fangirl x
Imagines, Fluffs and Smuts *I TAKE REQUESTS*
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Brendon Urie Imagines by Hay_palm
Brendon Urie Imaginesby Hayley
Some imagines with Brendon Urie <3
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Brendon Urie x Reader (includes smut) by urielicious
Brendon Urie x Reader (includes urielicious
i get bored and i wanna write. i like writing smut. i like writing cute. it's like an all in one deal!
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Band Pictures You Didn't Know You Needed // Volume 2 by -xFallOutGirlx-
Band Pictures You Didn't Know ♡ festive fall ♡
Ayyy, here's book 2 of the trash
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Call It An Obsession ⊷ Brendon Urie || Book 1 by AnxietyAtTheBall
Call It An Obsession ⊷ Brendon ✧ JAY ✧
He was her teacher. She was his obsession. YouTube Trailer: Call It An Obsession // Wattpad
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Back to You  by itsHannahReid
Back to You by Hannah
When high school senior Caliah Porter returns to the small town of Green Grove, California after seven years of being away, all she cares about is forgetting. Forgetting...
  • teenfiction
  • mentalhealth
  • romance
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Desire|Brendon Urie by chxrrykisses
Desire|Brendon Urieby <3
Nathalia is a student struggling to keep her grades up, she thought the tutoring session and spending time after school with her teacher was a great help. Only to find o...
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Silent Souls // A BNHA OC Fanfic by xLunarLight
Silent Souls // A BNHA OC Fanficby xLunarLight
I look out at the stars. They glimmer through the night sky. A bright light shoots though the sky; a shooting star. "I wish..." My feet move quickly across the...
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Adopted by Brendon Urie// A panic at the disco story by XProfessorFedoraX
Adopted by Brendon Urie// A XProfessorFedoraX
Every orphan dreams of being adopted. But when April gets adopted by Brendon Urie, singer in the band Panic! At the disco things take a sharp turn into reality. As April...
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♡Sweetheart♡                                   ||Brendon Urie x Reader|| by Irisone
♡Sweetheart♡ «♪ɪʀɪsᴏɴᴇ♪»
"Why the fuck don't you hate me?" "I don't know, I can't help but love you." Brendon Urie: wealthy owner of two large mansions, the talk of the city...
  • romance
  • riches
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||Shut It||                                            Brendon Urie x Reader by Irisone
||Shut It|| «♪ɪʀɪsᴏɴᴇ♪»
Sequel to Fuck is a Bad Word! You and Brendon are struggling to settle down together in LA, but throughout the adventure of it all, you learn many things: about Brendon...
  • children
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Reminding Me To Forget - Tomdaya  by Despicable_Holland
Reminding Me To Forget - Tomdaya by •Quackson•
❝What you see in me, is just a cover up ❞ Tom Holland × Zendaya Fanfiction 2018 After being chosen to work together, Tom and Zendaya become some what of friends. As th...
  • tomholland
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Piano Notes For Beginners by PenguinGoesPop
Piano Notes For Beginnersby Alex Starling
A collection of random song notes that work on both piano and flute
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Panic! At The Mafia//Brendon Urie by FaeleciaUrie
Panic! At The Mafia//Brendon Urieby Psychourie
Everything was normal for Faelecia, until the famous mafia group kidnapped her...
  • harris
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The Fear Of Falling Apart || Brendon Urie || by DarkHighness
The Fear Of Falling Apart || (FUN NOISE)
Sequel to Just One Regret II Brendon Urie Family isn't determined about who was given birth to by who. Family, Family is determined by who you love more than anything in...
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Brendon Urie Imagines by Darknessliving
Brendon Urie Imaginesby Lizzy
Brendon Urie imagines just for you guys
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You Know You're Emo When by fueledbyjohnlock
You Know You're Emo Whenby gay ships amirite
i bet you can relate ;)
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The End of All Things (Brendon Urie fan fic) by Brendon_Urie_is_life
The End of All Things (Brendon Brendon_Urie_is_life
Hayden has been at the adoption center for 2 years now. She's 14 and was abandon by her parents when she was 12. when she gets adopted by the Urie family she's happy a...
  • fanfiction
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  • brendonurie
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Inflexible 🌺 Ryden by 20_dollar_nosebleed
Inflexible 🌺 Rydenby I'm older than you
It's said that to truly become a master of something, you must practice for 10,000 hours to earn the title. Ryan's done that many times over, more than a master of what...
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