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You in Real Life by amberkbryant
You in Real Lifeby Amber K Bryant
Mazie has fallen in love. Okay, maybe it's with the ghost of a boy from school she hates, but love conquers all, right? ...
The Death of Me (#3) by pumpkinyara
The Death of Me (#3)by Yara
Book #3 in The series [Can be read as Stand-alone] HER I had to leave, i had my reasons. Leaving changed me. I had to forget my past, to adapt with my present, to f...
The Bow Brothers by Charlotte21102015
The Bow Brothersby Charlotte21102015
My heart physically hurt "I don't know what you want from me" I whimpered and took another step back but he closed the space "I want you to understand t...
Brendon Urie Imagines and Smuts by brendonboydpatd
Brendon Urie Imagines and Smutsby x Random Fangirl x
Imagines, Fluffs and Smuts *I TAKE REQUESTS*
Panic by _dreamwasfound
Panicby ✨Skyla✨
Life is going fine for George until he starts feeling... weird. Everytime he talks to Dream, he gets butterflies- Yearning for the joyful sound of Dreams laugh- But, pa...
Always by kayloves_
Alwaysby Kay.loves
Chase had never met someone so kind and full of love with not a mean bone in her body. Lilian has never met someone so cold and dark and yet he was the most caring & l...
A brother's regret (THE BULLIED SERIES) by icecuberlover
A brother's regret (THE BULLIED icecuberlover
Andrew had always wanted to be among the popular students in his school but for that to happen he needs to be a bully to his little sister Amelia who is the school bigge...
Finding Finley ✔ by deadbeatvalentines
Finding Finley ✔by K
Finley Kennedy has a lot going on inside his head - and not even he understands it all. His twin almost died. His dad left him. He can't stop the nightmares. He can'...
Fated Mates... and me by TheSpazzTastic
Fated Mates... and meby TheSpazzTastic
I'm Evan Lenny, just a normal guy living a normal life. If you count being a werewolf as being normal living in a pack of werewolves living near another pack of werewolv...
Panic Attack by MarvelFrog
Panic Attackby Marvel Frog 💚
When Peter finds Loki in an dark alley broken and hurt and significantly younger than he was in the New York fiasco, he sneaks him in Stark Towers and looks after him. ...
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
Broken Home - Ranboo Angst by FuckingGod-Out
Broken Home - Ranboo Angstby No longer active
Once day, Ranboo ends his stream abruptly due to his drunk mother coming home. What happens when he forgets to leave discord and his friends become concerned, he starts...
Jungkook Oneshots and Sickfics by DeniskaTen
Jungkook Oneshots and Sickficsby j-hope>>
"He groaned when he woke up. His hair was stuck to his sweaty forehead. His limbs felt like they weighed five tons. Jungkook suspected that he was sick but he hoped...
Gay Panic (Josuke x Okuyasu) by ChronicMILFLover
Gay Panic (Josuke x Okuyasu)by Gappy/Bowie
Nobody could imagine a world without their best friend in it with them, so when Josuke nearly lost Okuyasu, he was understandably terrified with the reality that somethi...
Begonias   by FlowingPastYourStuff
Begonias by Blythe Sky
When Dream feels his heart rate speed up at the end of George's Livestream, he knows he's too far gone. "This feels so wrong," George says and repeats. Dream...
PANIC AND PEACE, James Potter by HayleyAnnaPotter_420
PANIC AND PEACE, James Potterby Hayley
COMPLETED: 02/26/21 ❝ You teach everyone how to deal with trauma and give all this advice but you can't take it yourself ❞ ❝ It's more complicated than that ❞ // The war...
Loser, Miguel cazarez mora by milfzsienna
Loser, Miguel cazarez moraby 🤭 Sienna 🫶🏻
Miguel a 15 year old actress meets a 15 year old that's friends with his younger sister alondra. Miguel x Fem oc Started: 12-11-22 Finished: ??-??-?? Contains : abuse...
Problems and Personas by Avvocado_Toastt
Problems and Personasby Avvocado_Toastt
What else was he supposed to do when one TommyInnit shows up unannounced on his doorstep in the middle of the night? *I do not agree with any of the horrible things said...
Stroke  by habibaafifi_
Stroke by Habiba Afifi
Previously known as "Mental Love." 17 years old Violet Cavalli considers herself an outcast for lack of better words, but in her defence most of the people wh...
Meeting Our Past (Countryhumans Fanfic) by JustAReader158
Meeting Our Past (Countryhumans Nyze
Just a Fanfic with Philippines meeting his past acquaintances (or enemies). Because of the slow WiFi connection, Philippines was forced to travel abroad to personally ha...