Football Knock Out

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Harry loved playing football. He'd only played for a couple of years, as his best friend, Louis, got him into it.

It was a Saturday afternoon in September, a lovely warm day, and Harry was taking part in a match. It was a school team and they were doing really well in their league. Harry was defender, but had scored a couple of goals in the past.

The match started and the crowd cheered as Harry and Louis and their teammates started their attack on their opponents.

All was going well until a forward from the other team smacked the ball really hard, hitting Harry straight in the face, knocking him backwards. He hit the ground will a sickening thump. The referee blew his whistle and called for the medics to see to him. Louis rushed over panicking as he saw blood pouring from Harry's nose. He was unconscious.

The medics dealt with Harry. He was put onto a stretcher and taken from the field, Louis was really upset seeing his best friend hurt, but the match had to go on.

The coach decided to substitute Louis for another boy, so he could be with Harry.

Harry was taken to a room to be looked over, Louis by his side.

After around ten minutes, Harry started to come around, groaning quietly. He opened his eyes and saw Louis looking worried.

"What happened?" He said.

" you were knocked out by the ball. Hit you really hard, you've been out about ten minutes. God, I'm glad you're awake! " Louis replied.

"My head and neck hurt" Harry said rubbing his forehead. "My nose too!"

" Yeah, you're nose was bleeding quite a bit. You look a bit of a mess to be honest" Louis laughed.

"Great! Now I'll never get a date!" He smiled back.

The medics gave him some painkillers which were starting to kick in.

"Did we win?" Harry asked.

" oh it's not over yet, but we're winning 3-0"

" brilliant! " he yelled, then rubbed his head again. "Can i go home?"

The medics checked him over once more, saying he should be ok but to take it easy. His Mum had been called and she was on her way to get him.

Harry sat up and Louis gave him a hug.

"I'm glad you're ok mate, really scared me!" Louis said to him.

" Thanks, sorry i scared you. Do you want to come to mine for a bit? "

"Yeah! If that's ok with your Mum."

" Fine by me love! " Harry's Mum appeared in the doorway. She runs over to the boys and gives Harry a massive hug. "I was so worried when they called me, are you ok sweetheart?" His Mum was teary eyed.

"I'm fine Mum, honestly, just a headache. Can we go now please?"

" Yes, let's get you two home" she smiled at the boys.

Harry was helped up and they walked slowly to her car.

Harry and Louis were sat on the sofa watching tv, eating pizza and chatting. Louis noticed Harry hadn't spoken for a while, and glanced down, smiling, as he saw that he'd fallen asleep with his head on Louis' shoulder. "Cute" he whispered.

He moved Harry carefully laying him down on the sofa. Walking to Harry's Mum, who was in the kitchen, he thanked her for letting him come over, explaining that Harry was asleep, so he'd be getting home. He lived across the street so didn't have far to walk.

Harry's Mum thanked him for looking after her boy, giving him a hug, and seeing him out the door.

Harry went to bed shortly after, taking more painkillers, and had a peaceful nights sleep. He stayed home the next day, but was back to his usual happy self the day after, back to playing his favourite game.

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