Poo-r Harry 💩

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"Come on Harry!" Louis called through the bathroom door. "We didn't mean to laugh! Honestly. Please open the door!"

Harry sniffed from inside the room. He was mortified.

"Please. Let me see that you're alright."

" go away Louis! " Harry replied shakily.

He stomach was killing him and he had just embarrassed himself in front of his best friends.

"I'm not going til i know you're ok!" Louis stated, leaning against the door.

" I'm ok....there! You can go now! "

Louis sighed.

Harry felt thoroughly miserable. He held his stomach as another wave of diarrhoea wash over him. His muscles strained as he let himself go. He couldn't help the terrible smell or the awful noise. He was crying.

Louis stood outside grimacing. 'Poor Harry' he thought.

Harry was sure it must be over. He'd been sat there for a good half an hour and he was aching. He didnt want to go back to his friends though, not after what happened.


Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn were all sitting in the living room in the flat shared by Harry and Louis.

Harry had woken up that morning not feeling great. His stomach was bothering him. The friends decided on a day on the Xbox, as they had nothing better to do on a Sunday.

Harry's stomach kept making weird noises, gaining him glances from Louis.

"You ok mate?" He asked Harry.

Harry shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah I'm fine, think I'm just hungry" he replied, lying.

Louis went back to the game. Harrys stomach grumbled again, making Harry bend over in pain.

Louis put his controller down and looked at Harry.

"Don't lie Harry." He whispered . "You can me if something is wrong.

Harry held his breath as another shooting pain went through his stomach.

"Do you need help to get to the toilet maybe? " louis asked concerned at his friends behaviour. Harry nodded and moaned as Louis tried to help him stand up.

That's where it all went bad for Harry.

He just couldn't help it. He had no control. As he stood and took a step forward, his bowels decided to erupt, causing his friends to laugh and look disgusted at the same time.

When he was able to move, Harry ran to the nearby toilet. Luckily it wasn't too far away.

He was leaving a nasty trail behind him.

He slammed the door behind him and leapt on to the toilet just before another round left him

He could hear his friends laughing and talking about him. He was humiliated.

*back to now*

Harry managed to lift himself off of the toilet, gagging from the smell. He cleaned his sore backside and flushed. He removed his soiled boxers and jeans, wondering what to do with them.

He flushed the toilet a couple more times, sprayed some air freshener and opened a window. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his lower half then scrubbed his hands with soap and a nail brush. He felt so dirty.

He was sure that Louis wasn't outside now, and it sounded like the boys were back to playing their game.

Harry unlocked and opened the door quietly. He peeked out. He could see Louis on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor, while the others played their game.

He tip toed out and headed to his bedroom. Closing the door quietly.

He pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a jumper and put them on, then sat on his bed. His stomach still hurt and he still felt embarrassed.

'i'm not going back out there!' he thought and got into his bed, covering himself nearly completely. he felt himself falling asleep when there was a knock on the door. He ignored it.

The door opened anyway and he felt someone sit on his bed next to him.

"Harry" Louis whispered. "Are you ok love?"

Harry had started crying the minute Louis sat down.

"Hey" he rubbed his back, "don't cry H. It's ok. Accidents happen!"

harry pulled the covers off him and looked
up at Louis.

He face was bright red, eyes wet and puffy.

"I've n-never been s-so embarrassed in m-my life Lou!" He cried out. " i can't go b-back out there. You were all l-laughing at me. " the tears were falling fast now. Louis felt ashamed.

"Babe...believe me, it'll be forgotten quickly. Plus, i didn't laugh at you, and i told them they were all arseholes for doing it" he ran his fingers through Harry's curls.

Harry sighed. "Want a cuddle? Louis asked.

" Yes please" Harry sniffed, wiping tears from his eyes.

Louis pulled Harry close and they both fell asleep.

Harry felt a lot better after that. 💖

Sorry if this was shit!

All the love xxx

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