Stomach Trouble 😣

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Harry was sat on the sofa in between Louis and Niall, watching football on the tv. Liam and Zayn sat on the other sofa.

They had made a banquet of pizza, of course!, Chips, crisps, chicken wings and don't forget the alcohol!

"C'mon lads! We have tonnes of food to eat, get on with it, don't waste any!" Louis shouted, over the noise of the tv.

The boys all grabbed something, and were wolfing it down, all except for Harry, that is!

"Hazza!!" Niall mumbled and tried to shove the slice in Harry's mouth. He refused, and got sauce all around his mouth and chin. He swatted Nialls hand away.

" get off! I can feed myself! " he moaned at the blonde haired boy, wiping the sauce off his face.

He didn't though...truth is...he wasn't feeling well. He'd been feeling ill all day, but didn't say anything to anyone.

He sat miserably inbetween his friends, watching them stuff their faces. They took no notice of the fact that Harry wasn't eating.

He couldn't.

Just the smell from all the greasy food was turning his stomach.

He felt more and more uncomfortable.

The boys couldn't take their eyes off the tv or stop shovelling shit into their mouths, so Harry took the opportunity to leave the room, nobody would notice his absence.

He got up quietly, only Niall tried to peek around him as Harry moved past the boy.

Harry sighed in relief, as he went out into the back garden. Luckily it was a lovely warm evening.

He sat down on a bench and leaned forward putting his face in his hands, taking in some deep breaths.

He was feeling nauseous. The fresh air wasn't seeming to help much, especially when he caught a whiff of their neighbours starting up a barbeque.

'oh great!' Harry thought to himself, just as his nostrils filled with the smell of barbequed pork.

Harry's hand shot up to his mouth, but he couldn't stop the vomit from exploding from his mouth in front of him.

Harry felt awful!

Thinking he should get up to the bathroom, he got up from the bench, his legs were very shaky and he suddenly felt hot and dizzy.

He made his way indoors, hoping not to throw up on his way to the bathroom.

He slowly walked up the stairs, holding on tightly to the hand rail.

Turning the corner at the top of the stairs, he started feeling extremely dizzy, and stumbled, falling to the floor.

Hearing a bang from downstairs, Louis came up to see what the noise was, assuming it was Harry as he was missing.

He got to the top and went around the corner.

"HARRY! What happened?" He asked, seeing Harry flat out on the floor.

" Louuu! " Harry moaned.

Louis rushed over to his distraught friend and crouched down.

"Help me! Toilet!" Harry whispered .

Louis helped him stand, and they walked to the bathroom.

"You gonna be sick H?" He asked as they entered the room.

" No. " he said shyly, as hee undid his jeans button and zip and sat down on the loo.

"Oh...shit...I'll leave you..."

" NO! " harry shouted out. "Don't leave me please!" He cried, embarrassed .

"Ok love." Louis stood, his face red. He turned to face the wall.

Harry was groaning, as his bowels emptied. He was crying.

"You ok there H?" Louis asked.

harry grumbled. "No!" He said just as a wave of sickness hit him hard, he leant forward and vomited on the floor by his feet.

"Fuck! Can i come over Harry?" Louis asked, worried.

" Yeah! " Harry said as he threw up again.

Louis grabbed the rubbish bin on his way over and placed it in Harry's lap, which he used straight away.

Louis felt so sorry for Harry. He was so ill and was in a panic. He looked pale, was sweating a lot and was shaking.

Harry sat there for a while after his last bout of vomiting and diarrhoea. He was too scared to move, but his bum had gone numb, making him uncomfortable.

Louis helped him stand, turning away while Harry wiped himself. He had to flush the loo a few times.

"Let's get you to bed love." Louis said lovingly. He walked Harry slowly to his bedroom. He had to keep stopping to hold onto the wall. He was so tired and weak.

"Liam!" Louis shouted down from the top of the stairs. "Can you bring up a bottle of water please? Harry's not well, i can't leave him!"

"Sure!" Liam yelled back.

Louis got Harry into bed. Harry flopped back onto his pillows and sighed.

"Ok love? How long were you feeling ill for?"

Harry shrugged. "Since this morning. Sorry!"

" Why you sorry H? "

"I made you miss the football. " harry sniffed, he was crying.

Louis sat in front of him. "'re more important than football." he rubbed Harry's back. "Don't cry love!" He placed a kiss on Harry's hot forehead. " jesus Harry! You're so hot! "

"You're not so bad either!" Harry tried to make a joke. Louis shoved his arm and laughed.

Liam came in with a cold water bottle. "Harry! You not well mate?" He said as he handed over the drink.

Harry shook his head, sadly, he cuddled up to Louis.

"I see you were sick in the garden..." He said.

" Sorry! " he replied "i couldn't help it!"

" It's ok love, no need to be sorry. "  Louis said, hugging him.

"It's fine mate. I've already cleaned up. Hope you feel better soon." Liam said, and left the room.

"Can you stay with me Lou?" Harry pleaded.

"You don't need to ask love. Just let me get a bucket, just in case." He replies and goes out.


Harry and Louis are laying in Harry's bed. Harry's been asleep for a while. Louis is on his phone, checking out his social media. He kept looking at Harry, making sure he was ok. He was quite fidgety, and moaned now and then.

Louis noticed his stomach was making some weird noises, so he put his phone down and reached over for the bucket, having a feeling that it might be needed soon.

Sure enough, five minutes later, Harry suddenly woke, sat up and gagged. Louis quickly placed the bucked under Harry's chin, as he started throwing up.

Louis rubbed his back, as Harry threw up what was left in his stomach.

Once he finished, he fell back on his pillows. He was drenched in sweat. Louis went and emptied the bucket and came back with a cold damp cloth.

He wiped Harry's face and neck, cooling him slightly.

Harry fell back into a more comfortable sleep.

He slept right through the night. Feeling better the next day, apart from his aching from being sick, being thankful he had Louis there to help him out.

Sorry I've not updated for a while

All the love xxx

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