Stomach cramps & Sick.

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"Wake up Harry!!" Louis jumped on Harry's bed. "Come on lazy git, thought we were going to the cinema today?" He yanked Harry's duvet off of him.

"Fuck of Lou!" Harry groaned, trying to cover himself up again.

"No! I won't fuck off Harry! You promised last night that we could go, so get...up...NOW!" Louis pulled the duvet off again grabbing Harry's hand.

Harry groaned again, and dragged himself out of bed. He had a quick shower, brushed hid teeth, got dressed and stomped downstairs.

"At last..i made you some toast, eat it quick, then we can go!" Louis said, as he put his shoes and coat on.

Harry ate his toast quickly, and put his boots and coat on, handing Louis the car keys, he didn't feel like driving.

As they were driving into town, Louis noticed that Harry kept fidgeting and rubbing his stomach.

"Are you ok H?"

" Huh! Yeah, I'm fine" he replied, still holding his tummy.

They arrived in town, and Louis parked in the cinema car park. They decided to visit a few shops, as the film they wanted to see didn't start for a while. Louis dragged Harry into TopMan.

"Here..H this would look great on you! Try it on" Louis said, holding up a nice green shirt.

"Ok" he replied taking the shirt and headed to the changing room. He shut the curtain behind him and took his coat and t shirt off. A sudden cramp hit him hard, and he doubled over in pain. "Fuck!" He had to sit down and rubbed his stomach, trying to get rid of the pain. After about a minute , the pain eased, enough for him to try the shirt on. It looked good on him. He took it off and put his own clothes back on. Then he walked back to Louis.

"Any good?" Louis asked.

" Yes, it's nice, I'm gonna buy it! " he replied heading to the tills.

They paid and left the shop, going into HMV. Louis wanted to check out the DVDs for something to watch tonight.

He was scouring the shelves, Harry went off to look at the CDs. Another cramp hit him, and he had to hold a shelf to keep himself up. He grabbed at his tummy, rubbing again. He was feeling a bit sick now. "Shit!" This cramp was worse than before. ' how am i gonna get through this film?' He wondered. He didn't want to disappoint Louis by not going, he'd been looking forward to it.

"There you are!" Louis said as he turned the corner, Harry straightened up, and smiled weakly. "You ok? You look a bit pale."

" Yeah...I'm ok Lou. Did you find a dvd then? "

"Yeah, i got Bugsy was in the sale!" Louis laughed.

Harry groaned... "Bloody hell Lou...that film's like 40 years old!"

"A classic!" Louis grabbed Harry's arm and walked out the shop. " Cinema time!! Yes!!! " Louis was excited.

The queued up, bought their tickets, some popcorn and cola and found their seats. They'd chosen the back row in the corner, in case they wanted a quick kiss and cuddle.

"I'm gonna go for a pee...back in a minute!" Louis said , as he got up and went out.

Yet again, Harry was hunched over, rubbing his stomach, the cramps were the worst now. He was sweating, shaking, and feeling very, very sick. He wanted Louis. He wanted to go home. Why didn't he tell him.earlier that he felt ill? 'i'm so stupid!' He thought.

Louis returned, climbing over people to get back to his seat. "Hey babe...miss me?" He giggled. Harry looked at him, tears falling from his eyes. "Harry? What's up? You've been really quiet today". Louis said with a concerned voice.

" i-i keep getting bad stomach cramps, and i feel sick! " he sobbed, Louis pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back.

"I think we better go home...we can come back another time." Louis whispered , as he gently helped Harry up out of his seat, squeezing past the other people in the row, and heading out the door.

"Lou...i need the toilet!" Harry cried, he put his hand over his mouth and gagged.

" Shit! " Louis grabbed Harry's arm and they ran to the toilets. Harry just made it in time, before throwing up, Louis sat behind him, rubbing circles in his back.  Harry kept being sick, his stomach was cramping so much, he was in so much pain.

When he was done, he dropped his head down, trying to catch his breath, still sweating and shaking.

"Come on love, let's get out of here" Louis said, as he picked Harry up, flushing the toilet. He went and quickly bought 2 bottles of water, then they headed out to the car.

Louis got harry to have some water, to rinse his mouth, and soothe his throat, which was red raw. Harry was exhausted, he fell asleep on the way home.

Louis had to carry Harry from the car, up to their front door. Managing to get his key in the lock, they went in, Louis took Harry straight up to bed. Hoping he was feeling better.

He put a bucket beside the bed, with his water and some tissues, just in case.

Louis got into bed next to Harry, and cuddled close. Harry was still sweating. Heat radiating off of him.

They'd both been asleep for around an hour when Harry sat upright, making Louis jump.

"Harry! Are you ok? Are you gonna be sick?" Louis fretted.

Harry was holding his stomach as Louis raced to get the bucket off the floor, holding under Harry just as he threw up, again!

Once he was finished, louis cleaned Harry up and emptied the bucket. He returned to bed, to find Harry curled up and crying.

"You ok baby?" He soothed , stroking his face.

Harry moaned "feel shitty!" He sniffed.

" I know love, I'm sorry. Try to get back to sleep. I'm here if you need me, ok? " louis kissed his red hot cheek. "Love you baby" he whispered.

"Love you Lou!" He closed his eyes and fell. back to sleep.

i may do a part two on this. What do you think?

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