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I'd woken up at 7am, earlier than i wanted to. I had a headache since last night. We're on tour, currently in London, in a hotel. We have a show tonight, can't say I'm looking forward to it.

I got up and went to my bathroom, looking for some paracetamol. I take two with some water and look at myself in the mirror. I look awful.

I splash some cold water on my face, take a quick wee and head back to bed.

I swear my headache is getting worse!

I lay down and pull the covers up to my chin. Closing my eyes, wanting to get straight back to sleep,but no! It's not happening because it now feels like my skull is being cut in two.

I rub my forehead. The small bit of sunlight is coming through a crack in the curtains. It makes me scrunch my eyes up.

I've been laying here for two hours. My head is killing me now. The painkillers have done nothing to help. I want to take some more, but it's too soon. The sunlight is brighter now, the curtains are rubbish and don't block out any light.

My phone pings as a message comes through. I groan and try to find it without having to get up.

Finally, i find it and look to see who it's from. The screen is too bright and i can't look properly. I turn the brightness right down, and look again.

It's from Louis, in the room next to me...

*morning!!!!! You got your lazy arse out that bed yet?*

I groan and take ages to reply...

*i neeed you loo!* I text back.

*shit H! You ok mate? I'm coming in!*

Lucky that he has a spare key, as within a minute he comes in my room, straight over to me.

"Harry! You ok? What's wrong?" He takes one look at me... "Fuck Harry you look like shit!"

I moan. "Lou, my head! Think I'm dying" i croak.

He puts his hand on my forehead. "You're a bit hot. You taken anything for your head?"

" paracetamol at 7. They not working Lou. I'm in agony. I feel sicky too. "

"Shit! We have a show tonight. You won't be fit for that! We need to get you better."

" no shit Sherlock! " i moaned, he lightly slapped my arm, playfully.

"Should i call a doctor?" He suggested . I nodded.

"Must be feeling bad if you want a doctor! Back in a minute." He left to make a couple of calls.

I turn on to my side, trying to get comfortable, but the movement makes me feel dizzy and nauseous. I take deep breaths. The last thing i need right now is to be sick too.

Louis comes back in. "I called Paul to let him know. And a doctor will be in here in about 30 minutes. Harry? You feeling worse?"

I nod and try to sit up, my hand slaps to my mouth. Louis sees this, realising whats going to happen and helps me quickly to my bathroom, which luckily is close by.

I slump in front of the toilet and throw up.

Louis rubs my back trying to help.  Ten minutes of vomiting later, and I'm back in bed, Louis sat next to me.

The doctor arrived, looked me over, checked a few things, and told me it was a severe migraine. I was to rest, drink lots of water, try to eat something, and to keep taking paracetamol. Waste of time that was!

Louis stayed with me. He'd informed everyone of my illness. The show was going ahead tonight, but i was sitting it out. I'm not happy to miss a show especially in London, but as i can't even get out of bed without feeling sick, then there was no choice.

Louis had to leave. He kissed my cheek and hugged me before he left, wishing me better. I was on my own for at least the next 5 hours!

Louis made sure i took some pills before he left, and i tried to eat a sandwich, i got halfway through, before my stomach said no more! I had a couple of water bottles next to me, a bucket on the floor and the tv on low. Not that i wanted to watch it. The light was too bright, so i turned it off.

I must've fallen asleep, because the next thing i know, i feel a weight next to me in my bed. I open my eyes, to find Louis looking at me, he looks exhausted.

"Hey! How you feeling?" He asks quietly.

" bit better. How was the show? "

"Great! Everyone missed you though." I nodded as Louis got closer to me and put his arm around me. "Glad you're feeling better Harry. We've been worried all night. The boys said they'll pop in to see you in the morning!" He yawned. "Let's get some sleep!"

The next morning i still had a headache but it wasn't half as bad. The boys all visited and i was able to eat and get out of bed.

Two days later, i was completely recovered and had an amazing show. Our fans happy to see me well again.


All the love xxx

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