Sick On Holiday 2 🏖️

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"Lou! Lou!" Harry moaned from his bed, across the room from Louis'.


Louis mumbled, then leapt out of his bed, remembering that Harry was ill.

"Harry! You ok?" He panicked, grabbing a bowl as he ran across to his poorly friend.

Harry sat up quickly, clutching his stomach again. He started gagging, then heaving, but there was only a tiny bit of water coming up.

Harry was shaking, and his body was tensing up so badly, that he would surely ache lots in the morning.

Harry stopped heaving after a couple of minutes, he was gasping for breath.

"Shit Harry! I think you should drink some water, then at least it won't hurt you, you'll have something to bring up." Louis suggested. He was quite worried how sick Harry was.

Harry nodded and slumped back against his pillows.

Louis went to the fridge and got a cold water bottle, bringing it to Harry. He opened it for him and told him to sit up.

"Come on Haz, you need to drink." Louis held the bottle up to Harry's mouth and he sipped slowly at first, then gulped. "No, slow down, not too fast mate."

The bottle was empty in around five minutes.

"I'm gonna stay up for a bit, make sure you're ok. You try to sleep." Louis told Harry who had already closed his eyes.

Louis got his phone out, noting the time... 2.26. this might be a long night.

He sat and played games for a while, hearing Harry's stomach gurgle every now and then.

Then Harry groaned.

Louis put his phone down, picking up the bowl, just in case.

Then he gagged and Louis put the bowl by his mouth.

"Lou!" Harry moaned, he sat up, too quickly, as he felt very faint.

He lurched forward and was sick. Water with a touch of stomach acid.

Louis winced as he watched his friend strain and heave, as he brought all the water back up. He was sweating like crazy too.

"Lou?" He asked, once he'd stopped being sick.

"Yes love?" Louis replied, he only calls his friends love when they're not feeling great!

"I'm dying Lou!"

"No you're not Haz, you just a bit sick." Louis smiled.

"Sleep with me?"

"Huh? Oh sleep? Yeah course mate!" He coughed. "Let me empty the bowl. You need to drink some more too. Don't go back to sleep yet."

Louis went to the bathroom, emptied and cleaned the bowl, got another water bottle and got in Harry's bed, bowl by his side.

Once Harry had struggled to drink the water, he went back to sleep, though it wasn't a peaceful one. He tossed, turned and fidgeted. Louis knew he wouldn't be getting much sleep tonight.

Louis heard the all too familiar noise of Harry's pre-vomit stomach gurgling again. He sat up and prepared himself for more sick.

With no more warning, Harry didn't even get to sit up before he threw up on the bed and over Louis.

Louis caught some in the bowl. Luckily it was just water and not a whole meal. That would've been more disgusting than this.

Harry finished. "Fuck Lou I'm sorry!" He cried. He was feeling terrible for vomitting over everything.

"Don't worry about it love. It happens. I'll be right back."

Louis got up and dashed to the bathroom, quickly emptying the bowl then washing himself down. He's hoping to god that this isn't a bug that's going to get passed on, he really hated being sick himself.

He sighed and went back to Harry. He found him sat on a chair, head in his hands, shaking.

" ok love?" Louis rubbed his back, making Harry jump.

Harry nodded, and sniffed, so Louis knew he was crying.

"I'm sorry Lou. I made a mess."

"I know. I said don't worry. I'll clean that up. It's not too bad. We can sleep in my bed ok?"

Harry nodded again and climbed into Louis' bed, while Louis pulled the sheets off of Harry's.

He got into bed with Harry, prepared for another round, and this time managed to get some sleep.


Louis woke up and looked at his watch.... 8.26! "Oh" he said. Not expecting to sleep that late.

He turned over and looked at Harry, still fast asleep, mouth open slightly, drooling a bit, a tiny snore coming out. Cute, Louis thought.

He got out of bed, carefully, so not to wake Harry, and went to the toilet. He came back to the sound of his phone ringing.
He made a dash to answer, before it woke Harry.

"Lou! Are you two coming for breakfast? It's nearly 9 o'clock you know? I'm starving!" It was Niall. He was always hungry. Louis laughed.

"Sorry mate. Harry's not well. Been up half the night being sick. Do you think you could bring us something back. If Harry wants to eat. He's not been sick for a while."

"Oh shit. Poor Hazza. Yeah course mate, we'll do that. See you in a bit!" Niall said then hung up, eager to go get his full English breakfast.

When Louis went into the bedroom to get dressed, he saw Harry was awake, looking not as pale as before.

"Hey Harry, how you feeling?"

"Better I think. I ache though. I'm so sorry for throwing up on you."

"I told you, stop apologising. You can't help being sick. Niall called about going for breakfast. Told him you were ill. He's gonna bring us something, wasn't sure if you'd want anything though."

"Maybe some toast for now, see if it stays down." Harry replied, not sure if he was truly over this sickness.


An hour later the other friends arrived, carrying a bag with breakfast in.

Louis had bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast, Harry just had toast, both had tea.

They sat and ate with their friends, Harry managed two slices of toast.

"Thanks lads, that was delicious." Louis sat, wiping his mouth.

"You ok Harry?" Louis asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Hoping that's over with. Thanks for the toast lads." He smiled.

Harry was over the sickness, not entirely sure what caused it. The rest of the holiday went to plan.

They'd be back again next year, hoping everyone is sick free!

Sorry, really didn't know how to end this.
Hope it was ok?
This has over 25k reads now, how is that possible?
I'm not even any good at writing.
All the love XXX 💞

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