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One direction are in the middle of a promotion frenzy. It's been weeks of hustle and bustle, darting from one city to another, and the boys were all feeling the strain.

"Don't you wish that we were just normal teenagers, out with our friends, living normal lives?" Louis asked, as they were driving to yet another TV interview miles away from the last.

"Yeah...but then we'd all be broke wouldn't we? No nice houses, cars and the rest. We just have to deal with it!" Liam said, flicking through his Twitter feed.

Harry just stared out of the van window, keeping quiet, he was so tired, he was barely staying awake.

The van finally pulled up at the TV studio. They could hear screaming fans way before they could see them.

"Here we go again!" Zayn laughed. Harry just sighed, preparing himself to be mauled, again!

The security guards appeared and opened the doors, pulling the boys out, one by one. Making their way through hundreds of screaming hormonal fans wasn't easy. Hands all over them, pushing and pulling.

Eventually, they all collapsed into the building.

"Fuck sake, that was mental!" Louis said, pulling his top back down, that a fan had tried to get off.


The boys were shown to a dressing room where they were dressed and their hair and make up done. Harry went off for a pee, as he has such a tiny bladder, he needs to go often.

But...as he went into the bathroom, he started feeling hot and dizzy. He peed, then sat down on the closed toilet seat, putting his head down to try and help his dizziness.

It didn't work, and he felt really bad, before slumping forward onto the floor. He passed out.


Harry woke up. It took him several seconds to realise where he was. He picked himself up, and left the toilet cubical, walking to the sinks, he splashed cold water on his face and looked in the mirror.

He was white as a ghost. He sighed and left the room, heading back to where the other boys were.

"Where you been H? Thought you'd fallen down the bog!" Zayn laughed.

"Sorry, had bit of a tummy ache!" He said, trying not to look too glum.

"Eww...nice big number two! Lovely!!" Niall giggled.

Harry wasn't going to mention that he'd passed out. They'd either take the piss out of him, or they'd cancel everything and he didn't want to be responsible for that.


The boys are standing backstage, waiting to be introduced to a crowd of around 200 people. They were doing promo for their latest album and upcoming tour.

"Please welcome our next guests...one...direction!!!" The presenter introduced them and everyone screamed, cheered and applauded.

The boys walked on, smiling, waving and blowing kisses. The crowd went wild.

Niall, Zayn and Liam sat on a couch, with Louis and Harry sat up on stools behind them.

They finally calmed down and the interview began. 

The boys were having a great time, answering questions, including ones from the audience. The studio was extremely hot though, and Harry was starting to suffer.

He'd been fairly quiet, answering just a few questions.

Louis kept looking at him, sensing something wasn't quite right.

When the show went to an ad break, Louis turned to Harry.

"Harry are you ok? You're very quiet."

Harry nodded. "I'm fine Louis, just tired."

Louis took that as a good enough answer and said no more.

"Welcome back! One direction are still here!"

The crowd cheer.

"Right let's talk about the tour...."

The interview seemed to go on forever for Harry, he just wanted to go now.

Harry suddenly felt so ill. The bright hot lights, and the noise from the audience had finally got to him and he swayed on the stool he was sat on.

Louis saw Harry swaying and tried to reach out, but it was too late, as Harry passed out, falling sideways, away from Louis, collapsing with a sickening thump on the hard floor.

"Shit!" Louis shouted as he leapt off his stool racing around to see what had happened.

The host quickly went to an ad break, while Harry was seen to.

It took about five minutes before Harry regained consciousness.

He looked around at all the faces staring at him. He panicked.

"What!! What!! Get off me!!" He yelled.

"Harry mate calm down!" Liam said.

"Why didn't you say you didn't feel well?" Louis asked more calmly.

"Can I get out of here please?" Harry asked quietly.

"I'll go ask." Liam said.

Louis and Zayn helped Harry up off of floor and onto the couch.

Someone handed him a bottle of water, which he gulped down.

"You can go Harry, but we need to finish the interview, Paul can take you to wait in the van, while we finish up, we won't be long." Liam said as he walked back up to them.

Harry nodded, and got up to walk back to the van with Paul.

The other boys finished off the interview quickly, apologising for Harry's absence.


"Where's our Hazza?" Niall called out as they got back into the van, all sighing with relief.

Harry was asleep.

The drive to their hotel was quiet.

They arrived at 11pm and didn't have the heart to wake Harry up, so Paul carried him to his and Louis' shared room.

Louis thanked Paul, saying goodnight to him and the other boys.


Part two?

All the love xxx

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