Hides Being Sick

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Great! I woke up feeling like shit!

Louis has planned a day out though, so i guess I'll just have to pretend that I'm ok. He's been so excited.

"Morning babe!" Louis says as he comes back in our bedroom, after taking a shower. "Ready for a great day out?"

I smile. "Oh...yeah! Looking forward to it!" I say as i try to get out of bed.

Louis gets dressed quickly. "Meet you downstairs for breakfast, don't be long!" He yells, as i hear him run off.

I sigh.

I manage to get up, showered and dressed and walk slowly downstairs.

"Love! Come eat breakfast quick! We need to get going soon" Louis says as he cuddles me.

I sit down and look at my plate. Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, fried egg and toast! I feel sick just looking at it.

"Mmm...delicious! I lie. Oh god...i need to eat at least some of this!

I hesitantly start eating, regretting it immediately. My tummy is gurgling.

I ate half of it. "Sorry Lou! I'm stuffed!"

" That's ok babe, was a big plate full! "

"I-I'm just gonna brush my teeth!" I say as i run up the stairs. I just make it to the toilet, before throwing up all my breakfast. I sit on the floor for a few minutes, until i think I'm ok to get up. I brush my teeth, have a wee, and wash my hands. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, i see i look terrible. I hope Louis doesn't notice!

"There you are! Louis says as we pass each other on the stairs. "Just doing my teeth, then we'll be off!"

" Great! " i reply, feeling awful.


As we're driving along, i start feeling sick again. Shit!

"You ok babe?" Louis glances at me.

" Huh? Yeah yeah I'm good! Actually can you pull over, over there, i need a wee, sorry! " i lie again.

"Thought you went before we left?" He questioned .

"I did! P-Please Lou!"

Thankfully, he pulled over, and i leapt out of the car, running into some public loos.

Racing into a cubicle, the disgusting public loo smell hits me, and i gag, before falling in front of a stinky toilet and spewing up again.

My stomach feels so bad, i have bad cramps, and I'm sweating, as more vomit comes up, splashing back up in my face.

I'm over it. I spit and stand up. My knees are wet,nice! I go to the sink and wash my hands, before sipping some water from them to clear my mouth, then i wash my face, drying it with a paper towel.

I walk slowly back to the car, sighing as i get in.

"Better now?" Louis asks as he starts the engine.

" Huh? Oh yes, sorry, you know me and my bladder! " i try to joke, but inside i feel like I'm dying.

"Where are we going Lou?" I ask quietly.

" don't laugh...but remember when we were younger? We loved trampolines! " he laughed!

I felt my stomach drop, my face drained of blood, and i felt dizzy at the thought.

"Well...how much fun would it be to go? They have these trampoline places now! I looked online, they look amazing. I've booked us in for an hours session!" He sounded so happy and excited.

I actually felt a few tears fall down my face. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!


We checked into the trampoline place, called "flip it!"

I was flipping out!!!

"I just need a wee!" I said to Lou.

He gave me a weird look. "Harry...you only just went!"

" But...i don't wanna wee while I'm bouncing do i? " i say.

"True! Ok love off you go. I'll be on that one over there!" He points.

I walk quickly to the toilets. I go into a stall and sit down on the closed toilet seat. I'm panicking. I pull my jumper off as I'm sweating so much. My stomach growls, and cramps again.

Suddenly I'm gagging, i jump up lifting the seat quickly, as i throw up yet again. Fuck...will this ever stop? I'm crying again, getting into a right state!

Ten minutes later, I'm still crouched in front of the toilet. I can't move. I daren't. I don't think i can stand anyway. I wish Louis was here. I need him. I'm ruining his day!

I hear the door open...

"Harry? Are you in here?" Louis says with a worried tone.

i whimper "L-Lou..."

"Harry? Love are you alright? Can you let me in?"

I try to move, as another cramp hits me and i cry out.

"Harry, I'm worried love, can you open up?"

I try to get up again, and manage to unlock the door, before slumping back down.

Louis pushes the door open, without hitting me. "Oh baby...you're sick! Why didn't you tell me?"

" I-I didn't want to spoil the day, but...that's what I've done! " i start crying again. Louis rubs my back, trying to calm me down.

"How long have you been sick for?" He asks.

"Since I-I got up. I'm sorry! " i manage to say before I'm being sick again.

"Oh Harry...you silly boy! You should've said. Come on let's try get you up and go home. You ok to get up now?" He is so sympathetic . I love him to bits.

I nod my head and he helps me up. I'm very shaky. My head is spinning, but we manage to get back into the car. I fall asleep on the way home, thankfully.


When i wake up, I'm tucked up in bed, Louis is laying beside me.

"Hi love! How you feeling?"

" Better i think....hungry, maybe. " i reply.

He takes my hand in his. "Listen...don't lie again Harry. If you feel ill, please tell me. I won't be mad!" He smiled. "I'll get you some dry toast yeah?" I nod.

I eat it ok and my stomach settles. Thank god that is over with!

All the love xxx

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