Drunk Sick Part 2

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Harry's POV:

I tried to scramble up off the bed, but my muscles tensed so hard i couldn't move, so i just threw up all over the bed. Luckily i missed Louis but he wasn't happy...obviously.

My head was swirling and i felt hot and faint. I managed to get off the bed and started staggering to the bathroom.

"Come here you drunk twat!" Louis grabbed me around my waist and helped me over to the toilet.

"Fuck Lou!" I slurred.

" not now love! " he laughed as i leaned over the bowl and threw up again.

"How much did you drink H? Must've been more than me!" He asked. I didn't answer as i was busy with my head in the toilet.

I groaned and lifted my head up, only to put it down again, as everything was spinning so much.

"Are you done babe?" Louis asked as he rubbed my back. I shook my head.

" i think I'm dying! " i over exaggerated. I felt like i was though. I'm never drinking again.

Louis laughed. I don't find this at all amusing. You wait til the next time you're throwing your guts up, i thought.

Another wave went over me and i heaved into the bowl. Will this ever stop?!

Louis got up and rinsed a flannel under the cold water tap. He brought it over and put it on the back of my neck, making me shiver.

"You're really hot baby!" He said.

" Thanks! " i grinned as i lifted my head again.

Louis punched me playfully.

I leaned back into him, and sighed. He wiped my forehead and mouth with the flannel, then pulled me into a hug.


I hummed and nodded slightly. I don't want to move my head too much.

"Let's get you out of here." He helped me up and we slowly walked to our bed. We stopped as he realised suddenly that i was sick on the bed.

"Damn! Sit on the chair a min, while i clean this up. We might need to sleep in the spare room tonight." He said as he sat me down with a bucket.

I watched him pull the sheets off the bed, trying not to gag. The smell wasn't pleasant. I felt guilty that he was doing this. I would do it myself, but can't even stand up properly.

He took the sheets and disappeared, assuming he'd taken them straight to the washing machine.

He returned five minutes later. He looked at the bed and frowned.

"Sorry babe, we gonna need to sleep in the other room. This needs a good scrub."

I sighed as he helped me up, and we walked carefully to the spare room. He got me in the bed, it was cold, he tucked me in and placed the bucket next to me and a bottle of water on the bedside table.

"Will you be ok if i just clean the bed quickly? Or it might smell. I'll be quick!"

" Yeah! " was all i could say. He leant down and kissed my forehead, then went off.

The room was still spinning. My head was thumping and i still felt sick, though I'm sure my stomach is empty.

I dread to think what sort of hangover i will have tomorrow!

I tried to fall asleep, but i felt so ill, i just couldn't. I wasn't liking the dark, it was making me feel worse.

Louis returned after fifteen minutes, looking tired.

"How you doing love? You ok?"

"Can we have the light on please?" I whispered , my throat feeling sore from vomiting.

"Sure!" He went over and turned a switch and the light went on, it was a dimmer light, and he made it not too bright. He then got in the bed next to me.

" You want a cuddle? " he said.

"Yes please. I'm sorry!" I replied sadly.

" Hey, don't be sorry! You couldn't help it love! But maybe don't drink so much next time! " he calmed me down with his words and a nice cuddle.

"Happy birthday Harry!" He kissed me. I smiled.

Eventually i felt sleepy. I went to sleep hoping for a peaceful night and that I'll wake up without a hangover!

hangover in the next chapter!

All the love xxx

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