The End? Almost

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"Will you marry me?" D.O ask with the most sincere tone he ever used and his face, so calm and relax.

"I..I.." Hani said, still a bit shocked from the sudden proposal.

"I would love to marry you" Finally, she said it. D.O stand up from his position and widening his eyes, cheeks flushed pink and face scream nothing but happiness.

"Oh My GOD" He said and run to Hani, lifting her up while hugging her and laugh in delight while spinning their body and share their kiss. 

"Thank you, Hani. Thank you so much! I love you so much!" D.O said, he keep on saying those words and peck her lips every second. Hani laugh and return his sweet pecks with a warm hug. While they are hugging each other, suddenly, they heard Taehyung giggled.

"Taehyung!! Appa Soo will marry your mommy! I will be your daddy, I am your best daddy!" D.O said happily and lift Taehyung up, nuzzling his nose with Taehyung's nose happily. Hani felt so happy and relieved at the same time. "Are you sure you are the best daddy? You look like a baby to me. Squishy baby!" Hani said and laugh. D.O put Taehyung in the stroller and walk to Hani, tickling her so hard until their laugh can be heard in the garden. They are literally laughing while rolling on the grass together and ended up with D.O on top of her. They stop laughing and look into each other's eyes.

"Hmm..I love you so much, Hani." D.O said. 

"I love you too, Appa Soo.." Hani replied while smiling, eyes still staring deep into her lover's beautiful ones.

D.O smile and lean down and plant an innocent kiss on her lips and get up. He helped Hani to get up and eventually, bumping his body to Hani's. They laugh and entertwine their fingers lovingly.

Without them knowing, EXO is somewhere in the garden, planning to spy on the couple. Baekhyun look at his best friend and his ex wife laughing and enjoying each other's company. He saw the proposal. His heart break into pieces when he heard her accepting the proposal. Its like half of him died and he felt so sad that tears finally rolling on his cheeks.

The rest of EXO look at him. They pat his back and comfort him. He is crying right now. He is blaming himself for what is happening now.

Its okay if you are marrying D.O..I know deep inside, he's a good man.. He will take care of you better than you do.. I will always pray for your happiness and you will always be part of me—



"CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING MARRIED!!" Everyone shout just when Hani throw the bunch of flowers in her hand to the crowd. D.O is standing beside her, handsomely in a black tuxedo , with his hair pushed up. He look dashing and undeniably sexy! Hani blush the more she stare at D.O.

Mrs Kim is holding Taehyung in her arms and eyes are filled with tears with Mr Kim standing beside her. 

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