The Protector

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"Bring her back, now. I don't care" Luhan said while carassing his own head. The rest of EXO just do their own things. The sudden revelation made them feel down and angry. 

"Okay. I will fetch you at the airport." Luhan said. Kris sit beside Luhan, hearing the conversation. Luhan place his phone back on the table and sigh deeply. He lean on the sofa and close his eyes.

And I though you are gonna take care of her. You are the worst husband ever. Luhan thought. Now, he put the rest on D.O's hands. 

He is more matured than him, I know I can trust him.


"Hani...lets board now." D.O said and Hani just stare at him lifelessly. D.O sighs. "Hani, please. Don't be like this, please." D.O plead. He can't stand it looking at Hani like that. Hani look at him and smile, "I'm alright, D.O. I knew it earlier. I am prepared for this. Lets go." Hani walk pass D.O. D.O stand and look at Hani from the back, frozen at the spot he is standing.

"D.O, aren't you coming?" Hani ask him and run towards him. She grab her hand and drag him away.

Hani look back for a while

I'll forget everything here. I'll start as a new Hani tomorrow. 


Baekhyun is in his room with Minji cooking for him. 

"The dinner is done!Lets eat, Baekhyunnie" Minji said. Baekhyun lift his face and smile. 

I swear I saw Hani just know. Where is she? Now that I think about it, I haven't seen D.O since this morning.. Baekhyun's thought stopped when Minji poke his lips with her spoon.

"Aren't you gonna eat my cooking?" Minji said cutely. Baekhyun chuckle and pinch her nose. Hani pout and Baekhyun peck her lips.

Minji squel and pinch Baekhyun's cheeks. The rest of the dinner, they are enjoying each others' company, Baekhyun forgotten about Hani and D.O.


"We are here. Lets go find Luhan—oh there he is." Hani said. Truthfully, she felt relieved now that the truth is revealed. She felt as if the weight on her shoulder has been taken away. 

Its been a while since she felt a bit free from her housewife job. She feel as if she can see the world in a big picture clearly now. 

Luhan saw them walking to them and run to Hani with a worried face. 

"Dongsaeng! How have you been? Are you alright? He don't deserve you!" Luhan said and hug her tightly. D.O stand behind them and smile, "Don't you miss me, hyung?" D.O said. Luhan chuckled and give a bro hug to D.O. 

"I hope you can take care of her." Luhan whispered to D.O. D.O nod with a determined eyes. 


"We are baaaack!" Hani's voice echoed in the mansion. EXO turn their heads towards the noise from outside. They saw Hani, Luhan and D.O walk in with their luggage. 

"Noona!" "Hani!" "Fish eye, my man" Upon hearing his nickname, D.O roll his eyes and shot a look at Kris. Why him? Who else, right?

"Calm down, boys. I'm alright although I felt disappointed and sad but I am more relaxed now." Hani said and smile at EXO. The rest of them just look at each other and sigh in relief. 

"We thought you'll cry and we are worried because we don't know what to do if you cry!" Suho said. Hani let out a small chuckle. "Don't worry about me, guys. Ask the butlers to bring my luggage to my room, please. I want to have a little walk at the garden." Hani said and leave them.

Luhan look at D.O and signal him to follow Hani. She need someone right now. 

In the garden,

Hani walk and stand in the middle of the garden. Its night now, she felt so peaceful but slowly, memories of her and Baekhyun strolling in the garden come to her mind. Tears started to roll on her cheeks. She sob slowly while looking at the moon.

Suddenly, someone hug her from behind and bury his face on her hair.

"Hani.." D.O said slowly. "—please don't cry, please..." he said softly, he can't bear it seeing her crying.

Hani turn around and hide her face at D.O's shoulder. She cry softly. She is disappointed because the man she thought that will love her forever cheated her. She ry her heart out and her arms are hugging D.O's body tightly, gripping his sweater with shaking hands.

D.O just let Hani cry in his embrace and soothe her hair with his fingers. 

" me please. I need to stay strong. Please...I hope you won't leave me too." Hani said softly and cry in his embrace.

They stay in that position until Hani slept in D.O's embrace. D.O sigh and carry her to her room.

"I will not leave you. Never."


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