The New Girl

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Days passes. Its been 2 months since Hani enrolled in Seoul High again. Sometimes she's not around because of photoshoots. Hani is a successful model after all.  She has grow fond towards two boys who never once fail to make her heart beats fast. But Hani think her feelings for D.O is stronger. She is a bit oblivious towards love and relationship. After all, she has never been into any relationship because she used to be chubby and nerdy AND now she is busy with her fashion world.

D.O always take care of her. He is always so concerned with her health. This makes she feel like D.O only treat her like a little sister. She know she like D.O but seems like he didn't realize her feelings. D.O is always there when she is in trouble.

While Baekhyun..

He is one hell of a chessy guy. He always use every chance he have to hold her hand. Hani grow comfortable of his touch. She always wonder if Baekhyun likes her. Baekhyun never voice his feelings. Hani is very oblivious to a lot of things that are happening around her. She need to hear it. She can't just tell by actions or what.

She really like both of them but she set her eyes on D.O since long time ago. So far, they only hold hands and hug, friendly hug. 

Hani is the popular girl in Seoul High. But she do not treat her schoolmates as her fans. She treat them equally, as friends. She have a kind heart. That is why in just two months, students in Seoul High grew respect of her. They always greet her whenever she passes by. And she will always greet them back. She is the star. She is loved by all the teachers, students. There is Kingka and Queenka in their school, of course. But they also respect her and they are not that bad.

Back at Hani's place

Hani is laying on her bed after came back from school. She will skip school for 2 days because her new photoshoot. She informed EXO of course. 

Hani prepared her stuff and go down to eat. Once she is finished eating, she come upstairs, walking to her room. She lay on her bed and close her eyes, thinking a lot of things that did not have anything to do with her. Her phone vibrates 

1 new message from Kyungsoo

Make sure to pack everything properly. Don't forget to eat too. Hani let out a chuckle. Typical of him.

From Hani to Kyungsoo :

You should take care of yourself too, Kyungsoo ya. I need to sleep now, good night.

Hani is about to close her eyes again when she receive another text message from Baekhyun

From Baekhyun :

Honeeeeeeeeey!!! Don't leave me for too long okay :( make sure to come back here in one piece! Goodnight! Make sure to dream of me! ><

Hani smile softly. This boy, where did he get all the energies from? Hani replied his text message and quickly lay on her bed, pulling the comforter around her body. Letting herself drown in her dream.

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