The Heartbreak

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Hani woke up once her alarm rings. She is not a heavy sleeper. She can wake up at 3 am if she wants too. Hani follow her everyday routine. She felt a bit relieved that she talk about her problems with the boys yesterday. She had her breakfast and walk to school as usual. But today she arrived at school earlier. She decided to  go to the empty classroom at the end of the halfway of level 3, the highest level of the class building. This class is not used because it is a bit smaller than the other class and it is a bit old. 

Hani brought her violin along today because she have violin class as soon as school ends. She put her bag on the chair nearby. She take her violin out of its casing and start to play them. Hani played her all time favourite piece, Ave Maria. Her eyes are closed, feeling the song within her. Not so long after that, she finished

clap clap clap

"Not bad at all, Hani" 

Hani turn around and she is greeted by D.O's heart shaped smile. "Thank you, Kyungsoo." Hani is captivated by the boy's smile. She didn't realize that she has been staring at him. Hani blushes and cover it with a shy smile. She keep the violin back at its casing. 

"What are you doing here, Kyungsoo?" Hani ask while hands still busy handling the violin. "Hey, you are not the only one who spend time here okay. Besides, I heard your music, I decided to sit and listen to it." D.O explains and smiling brightly, making Hani's heart stir seeing the said boy's smile. 

Hani glance at her watch to look at the time. 5 minutes before class start. "Kyungsoo, lets go back to our class. Class will start in just a bit." Hani said while D.O just replied a soft "okay" and walk beside Hani. They walk in silence. They are walking side by side. D.O open his mouth to say something but he close it back. 

Once they reach the class, the school bell rings. 

"Just in time" D.O said while still smiling at Hani. Hani return his smile and look in front. In the corner of her eyes, she saw D.O keeping his eyes on Mina at her seat. Hani felt a bit disappointed. Maybe he like her? Mina? She is a sweet girl after all. Hani thought and shake her head after a while. Meanwhile...where the hell is Baekhyun??

The teacher enter the class and start teaching. Hani know the look in D.O's eyes. She experienced it, to look at someone lovingly from behind the shadows. Hani is a bit jealous but she shrug it off. She remembered that Mina asked for her help to hook her with D.O. She is not really good in things like this so she told her to ask someone else and she give the excuse of lacking of experience. Mina agreed and she decided to look for ways to confess on the internet instead. Hani thought that is a bit funny and cute of Mina but she is relieved she is out of the mess.

Fortunately for Mina, Hani think D.O likes her too. Its pretty obvious by the way he look at Mina when she is not looking. The way D.O smile to Mina warmly. Unfortunately for Hani, she like Kyungsoo too. And...well, damn it. She can't hate Mina. That girl is so sweet and kind towards her. 

And so...Hani decided to just stop thinking about it for a while and occupy her brain with her beloved, Biology :)

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