The Prank

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Hani POV

"OI GURL! WAKE UP!!!!" That must be my MOM.


"Good morning, Mom!" i smiled brightly and kissed my mother's cheek

"Good morning, darling. Come on, lets have a breakfast together before you go to school" my mother smiles and left my room.

"Oh well then. Time to get ready for another day at hell" i wake up and take a bath

No One's POV

Mrs Kim arranged the dining table along with her maids. She is one of a kind, of course. She is a down-to-earth person.

"Good morning, my queen xD" and that is Mr Kim.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad." and then the princess showed up.

"Morning darling" both of her parents said.

And with that, they are having breakfast happily like alwayssss :)

"Oh! I gotta go now. Or else i'm gonna be late. Bye mom, bye dad!" Hani kissed her mom and dad's cheek and rush out of the house.

Her parents watch her and they are kinda worried of their daughter at school after she told them what happened to her. So they send a bodyguard to look for Hani's well being at school for the entire 3 days.

Hani POV

She arrived at school.

3 days more and goodbye Seoul High :')

And with that, her mood boost up and she entered the school happily.

Someone is watching her from far. He is frowning considering she is too happy for a girl who got humiliated big time yesterday.

"Doesn't matter. She'll cry in the end anyways!" and that person smirk while walking to his class

Why is everyone...not bullying her today? is there something wrong? Something must have happened! Whatever-

She walk in her class. She sit down while watching everyone in her class carefully.

Weird..Usually they will call me names and prank me.

She could care less and study as usual. Why would she be complaining, right? Everyone is minding their own business today. She knew there must be something going on but she'll enjoy the day instead. Its not everyday people stop staring at her or calling her name or bullied by---Baekhyun...

Speaking of the devil..Where is Baekhyun?? He should be here bothering me by this time. She thought.


Everyone rushed to the cafeteria. While Hani..after what happened yesterday, she decided to spend her break time at the rooftop.

She open the door to the rooftop happily only to see Baekhyun sitting there oh-so-casually as if he is waiting for someone.

"Hey there, Ugly. I thought you are not gonna come to school today." Baekhyun said. He is impressed that she have the guts to come to school today of course.

"Oh..h-hey" She said

"Sooo...." Baekhyun is dragging his 'o'. Hani raised her eyebrow and look at him confusedly.

" know you like Kyungsoo..and..Hey! What if I say he kinda have a thing for chubby girls like you too? hehe" Baekhyun grinned happily. Well, he look too happy and she's supposed to be curious of him but instead.......

"Oh..r-really? Are you sure? That can't be possible..He can't like an ugly, nerdy and chubby girl like me.." Hani said shyly.

Baekhyun almost laughed out loud be but he managed to swallow it.

What?? This is easier than I though! LOL, he thought.

"Well....what do they is blind, right?" Baekhyun smile, showing his teeth.






"Oh..really?" Hani replied shyly.

Of course not, you ugly nerd, Baekhyun thought.

"Yes! You should confess to him. Its kinda obvious that you liked him. Even EXO can see it. By the look of Kyungsoo, he is not someone who make the first move so you should instead. He's kinda expecting you. I know he will reply to your confession. Just do it. Or else, you wil miss the chance because from what I heard, there is another girl who wants to confess to D.O too" Hani listen to him and nods slowly. Muahahahahahaha this is going well ;) , Baekhyun thought again.

"Maybe I should confess to him tomorrow?" Hani ask Baekhyun

"Ha! The earlier the better! I will tell him to come meet you here tomorrow after school. Is that alright?" Baekhyun ask

"Yeah..thats alright with me.." Hani think somthing for a while and she smile

"Thank you for the info, B-Baekhyun.." Hani thanked him and show him her grateful smile.

Baekhyun didn't answer her and stare at her

"Excuse me? May I go now? And..are you okay?" Hani asked

Baekhyun snaps out of his thought and look at her

"Yes. Of course, you may go"

Baekhyun POV

"Thank you for the info, B-Baekhyun.." Hani thanked him and smile.

Her smile....since when does her smile look so pretty?

"Excuse me? May I go now? And..are you okay?"

"Yes. Of course, you may go"

Hani walk to the door and disappear from his sight.


WHAT AM I THINKING? Yah theres no way an ugly girl can look pretty just by smiling!

Whatever. At least the plan are going smoothly for now.

Baekhyun walk to his class for the next lesson. Yes, he and EXO are the bad boys but they are not gonna skip classes especially since all of them come from a prestigious family, they have to keep their name, pride.

The class went as usual and blah blah.

Now, he and EXO are gonna spend their day at the bubble tea shop, as requested by Luhan and Sehun. Who else would've begged just to go and hang out there, right?

Once they ordered, they find a place to sit and talk about the plan.

"Okay so I convinced her to go confess to you, fish eye." Baekhyun said and earned a deathly glare from D.O

Chen started the real conversation "O....kay so, boys. Our Byun Baekbunny here---"

"DONT CALL ME THAT!" Baekhyun cut him and smack Chen's head

"OWWW!!! BUT ITS WORTH IT ;)" Chen grinned and everyone laughed

WTF why am i still friend with this bunch of idiots

"Okay so now what?" Xiumin interrupts their laugh

"Now...we need to get ready for the last part of the plan" Baekhyun said and smirk

"So all you guys have to do is *whispers blah blah*. Okay?"

"Kayyyyyyyyy" they chorused.

"So when will she...." D.O ask

"Tomorrow" Baekhyun answer him.

Well well well I never she had so much guts. Confess? Now thats impressing. Don't she realise she is nerdy? Not to say ugly. What makes her think I'm gonna return my feelings? Stupid girl. D.O thought.

They look at each other and smile afterwards.

"This is gonna be a lot of fun! I can't wait to see that nerd's reaction" said Kai with an obvious excitement on his face.

Well, we are bad boys after all, aren't we?

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