The Return

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8 A.M


Students of Seoul High are getting ready to start their class

The classes are noisy. Even-though Seoul High is a school for rich people, the students are very noisy. Especially the senior class, for the richest and smartest people, First Class: Special Class.

Students are talking, some are reading. Some are sleeping


Mrs Han come in. She is their class teacher. And its weird because she is smiling very widely early in the morning

"Okay class, sit straight! I don't want to give a bad impression from our special new student! Hm..i won't say new because she studied here before. But she's back after one year. Do you guys remember Kim Hani? MY FAVOURITE STUDENT IS HERE!! ><"

Author's note: well i did say before that the teachers love her didn't i? :^)

And with the mention of her name, EXO quickly snap their head, looking at the teacher's direction. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are practically burning holes on the teacher's head. Waiting for her to say more.

the class suddenly become quiet until everyone burst into laughter

"She's back? The ugly nerd?"

"I can't believe this! Now our source of entertainment is back!"

And the students are murmuring bad things. They are excited that she is back.


She's back? After one year? Where the hell is she??! I don't know why but i keep on waiting for her since the day she's gone! Maybe its because i felt guilty...yeah thats why. But D.O...He asked me about her a couple of times.. Is he waiting for her too? Thats weird.. D.O ask about the whereabouts of the nerd. Baekhyun thought while glance at D.O

D.O is thinking something. Deep inside, he is feeling VERY GUILTY towards Hani. He is the reason why Hani moved

I was immature back then... I'm very sorry for the nerd. For the whole time, i've been thinking of the drama that happened.. I want to say sorry..

D.O is a bad boy. He knows it himself. But its very weird that he keep on thinking about Hani.

"Please come in, Hani!" Mrs Han said while smiling very wide

And then an angel come in.

Students of First Class stopped everything they are doing. All of them are staring at the beauty in front of them.

" my name is Kim Hani and i'm back after 1 year. I'm from London and..thats all." Her eyes sparkling. Her rosy cheeks, her natural black hair. Her pointy nose..everything about her, is perfect!

EXO are the most affected.

Their jaws dropped.

"Hey aren't you the model in the magazines?" One of the students ask Hani

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