The Parents' Anniversary Party

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Hani woke up when she feel someone touching her face, trailing his finger on her eyebrow, eyes, nose, lips and to her jawline. Hani open her eyes and saw Baekhyun smiling down at her.

"good morning, sweetheart. Now, go and wash up. After that we can go to school together. I made you breakfast." Baekhyun said and push her to the bathroom. Hani giggle and do as what he said. She is not weirded out that Baekhyun is in her room, her parents must have told the maids to let him enter the house, her room even.

After about 20 minutes later, Hani is done. Hani go to the dining table and saw Baekhyun pouring the tea for her. Hani smile and sit.

"You know, when we are married, I hope you can do this for me instead." Baekhyun said while sitting down beside Hani. Hani lower down her face and begin to eat shyly after she heard the word married.

Hani. Baekhyun. Married. Future.

Baekhyun saw and totally know it that Hani is trying to cover her blushing face. Baekhyun eat his breakfast together with Hani.

After they are done with breakfast, Baekhyun hold Hani's hand and walk her to his car. 

He must be in a good mood. He rarely drive to school.  Hani thought. 

Baekhyun just smile and drive in silence. "I think D.O like you, Hani." Baekhyun suddenly said. Hani is surprised. What is he talking about?  Hani thought and look at Baekhyun. Baekhyun park his car near the school gate.

"You know, a man can tell if another man like or love his woman. Do you still love him?" Baekhyun ask sadly. His eyes are screaming PLEASE SAY NO but his mouth refuse to say so. Hani look at Baekhyun for a while and cup his face, bring his face near to her's.

"I only love you, Baekhyun. Are you worried?" Hani ask. Baekhyun still look sad, "I am worried. I'm worried if you leave me for him. Please...don't leave me. Promise me." Hani smile and he bring her face closer to his, she peck his lips and say "I promise".

And with that, Baekhyun's face is blooming and he is smiling. "Thank you, sweetheart! I love you so much!" Baekhyun's excited face turn into a serious and a calm one, his eyes are gazing Hani's  "—so much that you don't even know how much.." Hani is frozen just by hearing this. The way he say it, the way he look at me...He looked so serious and dedicated.. Hani thought and still look at Baekhyun.

Baekhyun smile softly and get out of his car. He go to Hani's side and open the car door for her. Baekhyun help Hani get out of the car. Baekhyun hold her hand and look at her eyes.

"I am yours"


Class went as usual and bla bla except that D.O look a bit weird. He keep stealing glances at Hani. Baekhyun saw it and keep an eye on him.

"Alright, your graduation is getting nearer and I hope you guys are prepared. Theres Prom Night too. The rest of the information will be posted on the school website. Thats all for today. Class is dismissed." The class teacher announced and walk out of the class since school is over.

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