The New Day

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Hani wake up from her sleep and stare at the ceiling, memories of Baekhyun kissing the unknown woman sensually come to her mind. She shook her head. 

Hani, you are better than this. If he cheated on you, you must stay strong and don't let him see you in a weak state. Be strong and independant! Hani thought while staring blankly at the ceiling. She walk in front of the mirror and stop. She look at her face and her eyes land on her stomach

My baby...I will take care of you myself and show how much a woman can change and be succesful

Hani smiled and walk to the bathroom.


Hani walk to the dining table, following the delicious scent. She walk with her eyes closed and she bumped into someone.

Hani is about to fall down when the person she bumped into hold her body tighly to his chest. Hani open her eyes and she is greeted by a pair of big eyes.

"Good morning, Hani" D.O said, smiling. "Are you alright? Why do you walk with your eyes closed?" 


"Hani?" D.O ask, waving his hand in front of her face. "You are blushing!" D.O said and point to Hani's cheeks.

"N-No I'm not! Lets eat!" Hani quickly said and sit down to eat her breakfast. D.O chuckled whole heartedly.

She blushed because of me? D.O thought and he is blushing too without him noticing. He can feel his heartbeat beating faster everytime he take his time to look at Hani's beautiful, gentle face. He snapped out of his thought when Hani poke his nose with her finger.

"Yah, you are not eating this? This food tasted good, you know" Hani said and continue to eat. 

"Of course its good. I cooked it" D.O said and drink. Hani lift her face and look at D.O with a surprised expression.

"Y-You made this? This is like the foods we eat at expensive hotels! You really cook a lot for breakfast.. Do you usually cook like this?" Hani ask.

Hani's question made D.O froze for a while. Do I usually cook like this? Do I? D.O asl himself in his mind. He can't recall cookin such foods for anyone, not even EXO or his parents. 

D.O smile gently, his eyes are warm,

"Nope. Only for you.


Hani sit beside D.O at the passenger's seat in his car. They are heading to Hani's new mansion, placed beside D.O's. She don't to stay there anymore. She did said she wanted to start all over again. She will erase the feelings, the hurtful memories. Which means,

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