Baekhyun Ending

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"Kyungsoo...I'm—" Hani said with sad eyes.

"Its okay, Hani. I can tell what is your reply..I know deep inside, you still love him don't you?" D.O said with a longing gaze. He stand up and hug her. "Its okay.." He said softly.

He broke the hug.

"You can come out now, Baekhyun." D.O said. Hani's face is blank, she is confused. He's here??

Suddenly, Baekhyun come out of nowhere and walk towards D.O and Hani. "And EXO, you better leave the two of them alone this time." D.O said. D.O walk to Baekhyun and pats his shoulder. "Don't lose the chance—and you're welcome." D.O whisper to him and smile before he walk away to somewhere where nobody knows.

Baekhyun take a deep breath and exhale slowly. He face Hani and hug her tightly. He slowly hold her chin facing him, face inches apart. "Is it true? Am I still there, in your heart?" Baekhyun ask. Hani bit her lips because she is nervous. Its been a while since they are in such an intimate position.

"I..I—" She blush and she avoid looking at Baekhyun's twinkling eyes. Baekhyun chuckle and lower his head to Hani's

"Don't worry, I know your answer and I still love you, Honey" He said softly and look at her. Slowly, he close his eyes and place his lips on Hani's. How much I missed your lips.. He thought and he kiss her as if they were seperated for a life time and he hold her body close to him.

They broke the kiss. Hani and Baekhyun still gazing into each other's eyes. 

"I love you so much. So much and I'm sorry. I promise I will never ever leave you and I will take care of you and our son. I promise." Baekhyun said while palms cupping her face. Hani look at him and she can see sincerity in his eyes. Hani smile and hug him, "I'll trust you" She said and smile softly. 

Baekhyun's face is plastered with a big smile and his eyes turn into crescents. He place small kisses on her face and about to kiss her lips when—

"Mama..mama..mama" They heard Taehyung utter.

Hani broke their little get-back-together-catch-up and rush to Taehyung' stroller. "Oh my god. He talked!" Hani said and jump excitedly like a kid. Baekhyun walk to Hani and Taehyung. He hold Taehyung for the first time in his arms and smile down at him. This is the first time he can see his son's face this close.

"Taehyung....I am your Appa." Baekhyun said. Taehyung blink his eyes and stare at Baekhyun. 

"Apppppaaaaaaa" Taehyung said. Baekhyun widen his eyes and smile cheekily at Taehyung. "OH MY GOSH HE IS THE CUTEST!!!!!! He look just like me >< look at that eyesmile!" Baekhyun said and kiss Taehyung's cheeks lovingly. Taehyung giggle and Baekhyun..join along the giggle.

Hmmm the way they giggle is similar. Cutiesssss. Hani thought. Baekhyun put Taehyung back in the baby stroller and he grab Hani's hand. 

"Lets go home. Our home." 

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