The Dinner

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Its been 5 months and Baekhyun feel like he should go back to Korea. He already decided that he should go back to Korea with Minji. He want to come back without anyone knowing. 

"Honey, my driver is here. Lets go." Baekhyun said to Minji. Minji just smile and trailing behind him. Once they enter his car, Baekhyun ask the driver to drive them to one of the apartments in Seoul, yep, not mansion. He want to be careful, not letting anyone know his existance in Korea with his girlfriend, not even his wife.

After they entered the apartment, Baekhyun ask Minji to take a rest as he have something else to take care of.

"Alright, be careful!" Minji said and kiss hi passionately. Baekhyun is grinning from ear to ear. She is very sexy and pretty. He thought. I should have met her earlier! 


Baekhyun drive to the mansion where he used to live with Hani. He enter the mansion, only to be greeted by the maids and butlers. They are still working there as long as Hani and Baekhyun are not divorce. 

Baekhyun walk inside the mansion, looking for Hani to talk to her about their divorce. Where the hell is this woman? 

"Butler Jang, where is Hani?" Baekhyun ask. Butler Jang stay quiet for a while and finally open his mouth after a few seconds. 

"She left the house." Butler Jang said, his eyes not showing any emotion, he and also all the maids and butlers in the house are aware of the married couple's problem and obviously, its Baekhyun's fault that he is unable to control himself and be selfish. 

Baekhyun is taken back by his answer "W-what? She left the h-house? Our house? To where??" Baekhyun ask again but Butler Jang just shook his head slowly.

"I guess if you want to know you should ask EXO" Butler Jang answered. Baekhyun nod.

Where the hell is she?


"Baekkie, why do you bring me along with you? Where are we going?" Minji ask Baekhyun while he is driving her to the famous restaurant in Seoul where he and EXO used to hang out.

"I'm bringing you along because you are my date and we are going to eat at my favourite restaurant." Baekhyun said while grinning.

After a while, they arrived and are seated at one of the vip seats. While they are eating, without them knowing, EXO and Hani is there, enjoying their dinner happily. 

Minji stand up so suddenly and she bumped into someone that are walking there. 

"I'm sorry—" She stop when she saw the person she bumped into. Its Hani. The famous model..and Baekkie's wife..I feel so daebak now, I stole a perfect man from this perfect and famous woman, which means I can compete with her. Minji compliment herself in her mind and felt proud all of the sudden.

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