The Parents' Anniversary Party 2

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"Let's dance" Baekhyun said and pull Hani to the centre of the hall, dancing to the slow jazz song along. A lot of married couples are dancing, Mrs Byun and Mrs Kim smile knowingly to each other and drag their husband to dance. 

EXO just dance among themselves :') Meanwhile D.O and Mina are dancing along with Baekhyun and Hani. Although its painful to look Hani dance romantically with his best friend, D.O try to forget her and smile longingfully instead. His eyes are mirroring his emotions. He look kinda happy but sad at the same time. He look at Mina and smile to her. Mina knew what is running in her boyfriend's mind so she's trying her best to cheer him up.

First love is always the hardest to forget.

Baekhyun dance with Hani slowly, looking in her eyes with so many emotions. She's my everything. Baekhyun thought. Hani look at Baekhyun. "Is there something wrong?" Hani ask. Baekhyun look at her "noPe" he said playfully and smile cheekily afterwards. Hani just laugh seeing his silly action. Hani turn her head and her gaze lock with D.O's. They stare at each other for a while. Hani smile and D.O reply her smile with a slight blush on his cheeks. 

"Yah! Don't look at other man when you are with me!" Baekhyun pull her face to face him. Baekhyun is pouting and he look like a baby sulking. Hani chuckle and cup his face "Come on big baby, lets sit and eat" Hani said. 

Yes, I am your big baby xD

Baekhyun let Hani drag him to the table and they sit. Suddenly, the parents come to the table and sit. 

"Omma, I want some time alone with my princess :(" Baekhyun whinned again to his mother. "Baek, we are here to talk about something important and you and Hani is part of our conversation." Mrs Byun reply his son. Baekhyun jut his lower lips and look away, waiting for Hani to come back with foods.

Hani walk to the table with a plate full with variety of foods. "I'm baaaack—Baek? Why are you sulking?" Hani said and sit beside Baekhyun. "Ommas and Appas *pointing at the parents* wants to sit with us. But I want to sit with you aloneee" Baekhyun said and show her his puppy eyes.

"Let them be, Baek" Hani reply and chuckle. "such a baby! Now eat." Hani said and stuff his mouth with a small portion of cake. Baekhyun eat it happily.

"*clear throat*, are you guys interested in getting married?" Mr Kim ask so suddenly that both Baekhyun and Hani choked and hand each other drinks.

"W-Why so suddenly, Appa?" Hani ask. 

"This is for your own happiness and for us too." Mr Kim said and smile to the young couple.

"I would love to be her husband...." Baekhyun said softly and slowly, no one heard him but Mrs Byun did!

"My son wants to get married to Hani!" Mrs Byun said excitedly and Mrs Kim laugh along. Hani look at Baekhyun with her cheeks tinted pink. Baekhyun only smile naughtily in return.

"When is the date of the wedding?"

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