The Girl

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Hani POV

Hani open her eyes slowly. She's awake and slowly, the memory of exo humiliated her come to her mind.

Hani sigh and slowly stand up and get ready. Today is her flight to London. She is determined to change.

I will make them take their words back

Hani is not someone who hold grudges against people but this time she will not this one slide. She will change for the better and make them regret their words.

Hani come down to have a breakfast with her family. Her maid bring her luggage down.

"Good morning, darling. How's your sleep? Are you alright?" Hani's mother ask her with worry in her eyes.

"Im okay mom. Dont worry about me" Hani smiles and her mother soften just by looking at Hani's peaceful face.

She looked...different. I can see determination in her eyes. Mrs Kim thought

"Darling, i heard what happened at school. How are you? Do you want me to give those kids a piece of my mind? I can throw them out of the country if you want. I can kick them out of the school." Mr Kim said. He is joking. Half joking.

Hani laughs "its okay dad. Nothing big. You don't have to do anything. I have a plan of my own. Im still sad but its okay" Hani smiles and she meant by what she said. She is angry but she will not do anything just yet.

"I'll come back when the time comes. So, by then i will make both of you proud! Hehe" hani said and her parents smile along.

After breakfast, her driver send her to the airport with her parents follow along.

Its time to board the plane

"Okay mom, dad. Gotta go or i'll miss my flight!" Hani said and kissed both of her parent's cheek.

"Take care, darling!" Her parents said and wave their hand.

London, here i come! South Korea, till we meet next time :))

No One POV


-Baekhyun POV-

Where the hell is that nerd??

Why am i looking for her?? Ish stupid

"Yah. Do you heard me??" Luhan ask

"Uh..uh no.. I didn't. Sorry, what was that?" Baekhyun ask

"Why are you like this today? You seemed to...daydream. Whats up?" Chen showing his 'worries'

"I'm okay. I'm just tired. I didn't get enough sleep last night. I dreamt of Chen. And its not a pleasant dream, trust me" Baekhyun said

"HEY BYUN BAEKBUNNY!!!" "JOKING!!!!! LOL!!" Chen and Baekhyun screamed at the same time.

"Guys, stop. Screaming is not my style so you guys must stop. Talk like me." Kris interrupt out little fight.

"How bout no?" Baekhyun and Chen replied sassily. Kris could care less and so he talk to Tao about something else.

"Anyone know what happened to that ugly nerd yesterday?" Chanyeol suddenly ask

"Yeah she kinda run away after i rejected her. She's crying. You guys saw her right? She look so pitiful and funny." Kyungsoo said

"Yeah her face look so speechless. And she glared at us! She look kinda scared if she gonna sit on me. I might have died!" Xiumin said and everyone laughs

"I wonder what she's doing right now. She must be crying out loud. We only broadcasted her little confession. We should have recorded it!" Baekhyun added.

EXO laughs, knee-slap laugh

Deep inside, Baekhyun don't know why but he felt guilty. He saw the look in her eyes yesterday. Her eyes screamed hate, disappointment and betrayal.

Whatever~if she is pretty, maybe i will pity her but she is not so-


"So where is she now? Its fun bullying people but its much more fun bullying the nerd!" Tao pouts

"She moved to other school" Baekhyun replied

EXO look at each other's faces

"Whoa she's really embarrassed, huh?" Kai joins

"Yeah she must be. She is everyone's laughing stock!" Chen adds

"Too bad she moved. She's the only chubby girl in this school" Xiumin said

Hmm where is she? We overdid it. Its worth it tho..i should have done better than that. But she look very hurt.. Huh? Why should i care. D.O thought

"Well, if she comeback next time we will bully her again!" Kai said and laugh along with EXO

Without knowing, Baekhyun hope he can meet her again.

No One POV

Day passes and its been 1 year since Hani went to London. She stay with her brother, Taemin.

In London, she exercises and eat healthily. She is determined to get a slim body.

And so, she did. She is a model now. She is the prettiest girl in her school. Everyone call her Angel. She is a very famous model. She is at the top of her carrier now.

A year later

"Miss Hani, theres a phone call from your parents" one of Hani's maid pass the phone to her

"Hey mom! Hey dad! How are you? Im-"

"YAH!!!!!!! When are you gonna come back????" My MOM :-)

"i miss you too mom! I have a good news to tell you! I'm gonna continue my senior year in Seoul High! My flight is tonight so, see you soon!" Hani replied happily


"Hey darling. Your dad is talking here. Come back safely!" Mr Kim told Hani

"Of course I will. You and Mom are gonna be so impressed when i'm back!" hani grinned happily

"Both if us can't wait! Got to go, darling! Bye!" Chirped mrs kim

"Bye mom, dad :)" hani smiles

That night

"Its almost time to board the plane, little sister. So...see you soon?" Taemin said to her while hugging her

"Of course. Don't forget to visit us, okay?" Hani hug her brother tighter and kiss his cheek.

Hani walk to the entrance and wave to her brother for the last time before she leave London. Her brother wave back.

After several hours

Hani arrived. She inhale the scent of her country

I'm back and i'm definitely better than before!

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