Cupcake Trouble (Kyungsoo)

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"YAH PUT THAT DOWN YOU LITTLE—COME BACK HERE!!!" D.O's yell can be heard in the mansion. "Hyung we are so sorry we don't know you baked those pretty cupcakes for noona—PUT THAT DOWN PLEASE FORGIVE US!" Kai screamed and run along with Sehun and Tao. They are running away from D.O. Apparently those idiots ate the cupcakes D.O baked for Hani. D.O baked the cake with so much happiness and love for his wife and daughter—soon to be born daughter. Hani have been craving for D.O's homemade cupcakes and he is more than willing to bake it for Hani and so he decided to use the best ingredients to make the cupcakes—in which got eaten by SeKaiTao.

"Ge!!!!" Tao screamed and hide behind Kris with SeKai. "D.O hyung is chasing us with a knife!" Tao said and grab Kris's shirt from behind with scared eyes. Kris look behind him and saw Sehun and Kai look like a scared puppy. D.O stand in front of Kris. D.O's face is dark and dangerous.

"Kris ge, step aside. They ate the cupcakes I baked for Hani." D.O said in a low voice that send shivers to their spines. "YOU GUYS DID WHAT???" Luhan step in the scene with rage in his eyes. "YOU ATE MY DONGSAENG'S CUPCAKES???? YAH D.O BAKED IT SPECIALLY FOR HER!!" Luhan yelled. He is angry, very angry. After all, he loves Hani like his own sister. Kris, who found himself in a middle of the war step aside and run real quick to somewhere else.

D.O look at the three boys in front of her "Now, now. Before I—"

"We are so sorry hyung.. W-we don't know.." Sehun said softly and his eyes are staring at the floor. D.O sighs "Just don't do it again." He said and walk away. Sehun, Kai and Tao let out a relieved smile when Luhan knock their heads. 

"—OUCH!" The three of them shout in unison. "I'm so sorry, dongsaengs. D.O look so dissappointed and he didn't even lay a finger on you guys so I did it on his behalf." Luhan said and sit on the couch, facing his dongsaengs who are sitting on the floor facing him like lost puppies. Their face look guilty and their eyes glued on the floor. 

"I have never seen D-D.O hyung look like that before. He never look dissappointed as much as that.." Kai said. Luhan smile a little and lean on the couch. "Aww, kids. Don't be so sad. I'm sure he forgive all of you." Luhan said when Xiumin appeared out of nowhere and sit beside Luhan.

"What the hell happened? Praise the lord because this is the first time this house is not that noisy. I still wanted to slap the beagle line though. They are pranking everyone in this house!" Xiumin said and he almost yank his hair out of frustration just by thinking about those pranksters. 

"Chanyeol, Chen and Baek, huh? Let them be, Xiumin! Now this *points at SeKaiTao* is the real problem now. They ate the cupcakes D.O baked for his sweetheart." Luhan said. Xiumin's eyes rounded and they heard a loud gasp from behind themits Lay. 

"Are you serious? Then why are they still here? Why are they not soaked in blood?" Lay ask. Luhan laughed, as expected. "Yeah I imagined that too but here they are. Sitting right in front of you, safe and sound but better, alive." Kris said out of nowhere and sit on the floor beside Tao and pats the younger boy's back.

"Hyuuuuung" Kai whinned.

"Yah yah yah why are you guys sitting together like this? Did we missed something?" Chanyeol walk towards them and sit on the floor along with Chen and Baekhyun. 

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