Bonus Chapter (Kyungsoo)

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Hani's eyes flutter open. Someone slide his arms on her waist and pull her back close to him under the fluffy comforter.

"Mmmmmm......Good morning, darling.." D.O said with his eyes closed. Hani turn around and trace her fingers along D.O's noseto his lips.. to his jaw "Darling, its ticklish.." D.O said, still with his eyes closed. Hani chuckle and let it be, she continue to run her finger to his cheeks and she pinch it.

"-ouch" D.O said and his eyes are now open, gazing down his gorgeous dark brown orbs down to Hani's twinkling ones. Hani giggled and cup her husband's face. "Sorry, darling. You are just so cute! And you are so squishy! I can't help it" She said and laugh. D.O pout playfully and rub his cheeks 'pitifully' and his eyes turned into those shining puppy eyes.

TOO CUTE. TOO CUTE. Hani thought while still looking at D.O. "Now my cheeks hurt :<" D.O said. Hani raise her eyebrow "So...? I guess thats what happens when you are so squishy. Bear with it." Hani said. "But I'm not squishy! I'm a man! A manly man!" D.O said and his pout grow deeper. Why is he so cute???? Hani mentally shout in her mind.

"-you have to kiss my cheeks and my lips to heal it!" D.O said rather cutely with his cheeks flushed. Hani froze for a while because it unusual for D.O to be this straightforward towards her when he want her attention. "Faster!" D.O said, cheeks getting a shade darker any moment now. Hani snapped out of her thought and smile at him. "I understand when you want me to kiss you on the cheeks to heal the pain. But why on the lips too?" Hani ask rather innocently but her eyes are teasing him.

D.O look at her and pull her closer to him. "I can't wait anymore, sorry darling" And with that, he kiss her square on the lips. The kiss is not too strong but not too soft. Just enough to make her heart jumping out of her rib cage. They kissed for a while when D.O broke it.

"Now, on the cheeks." He commands which made Hani startled but nonetheless, she is more than willing to kiss him anyways. She cup his face softly and smile at him "i love you" She said and kiss both of his cheeks lovingly. After she pull away, D.O is looking at her straight in the eyes, smiling, eyes twinkling, as if he is a kid that had gotten his candy.

"-and I love you too." He said and kiss her forehead.

"You are amazing, you know that? You are so amazing that I had no doubt that I am marrying the right woman. I love you-so much. More than you know." He said and snuggle into her, resting his face at the crook of her neck and his arms are holding her tightly. Hani chuckle and rest her head on D.O's head.


"Where are we going now, Mr Do?" Hani ask while her hands tighly hold into D.O's. Taehyung is with their the Do's since its their turn to have a bonding time with their grandchild.

"We are going on a date. Lets go!" D.O said and run while holding her hand. Hani just keep quiet and smile, letting her husband lead her to wherever he wanted to. Soon, they stop in front of the bubble tea shop that they used to hang out a lot of time during their school days.

"Kyungsoo, what-" Hani said but D.O cut her sentence "This is the place of our first date, remember? When we went to the mall to have a lunch after? We are gonna have a bubble tea date again, darling" He said and smiling softly at his wife. They walk in and place their orders. After they received their bubble tea, they are seated at the same place they sat during their first date, 2 years ago.

"I can't believe its been two years.." Hani said and sip her drink while eyes glancing around the shop. Nothing changed though...Its good, it bring back a lot of memories.. Hani thought.

"Yeah..Its been a long time. And I didnt forget this, it has been 3 wonderful months we are married and I hope our love while always blossoming each day" He said and hold her hand. Hani is touhed, really. D.O is always the sweetest person and she is thankful that he is always there for him.

"Thank you, Kyungsoo." Hani said it short but full of content. Her voice is so soft and hear warming. D.O smile while looking at her face, I am such a lucky man that I am married to an angel. He thought.


A few hours later

"You are full of surprises, I swear. Do you need to blindfold me?" Hani ask with curiousity in her voice. Meanwhile D.O is walking beside her with one of his his arm on her petite waist and the other one interlaced with Hani's romantically, leading her the way.

"Wait for it, darling. Its a surprise" He said and smiling softly. Hani just nod and let him lead her.

Suddenly, D.O slow down his walking pace and stop followed by Hani "Get ready..." He said. Hani is holding her breath, anticipating of whats coming next excitedly.

He open the blindfold "Tadaahhhh!" D.O said with his hands opened in front of her like an excited kid, just that he is handsomely dressed in a white polo shirt and jeans with his black hair sexily pushed back. Man, I really have a thing for man wearing white shirt. Hani mentally said in her head while eyeing her husband. He look absolutely more handsome now because of the lighting that made his presence glowing in the beautiful night. Apparently, they are back at their mansion. But they are at their big garden, with a table and two chairs arranged. Foods served on the table, its pasta, her new favourite after mushroom soup when D.O cooked it the first time for her sometime ago. And a candle on the table.

Hani is more than surprised to see this in front of her eyes. She has been dreaming this kind of moment since high school. A romantic candle-light dinner in a garden surrounded with flowers at night. She look at D.O, who is by the way smiling looking at the way she responsed.

"Do you like it, darling?" He ask even when he knew the answer already.

"Like it? I love it! Thank you so much, Kyungsoo! You don't know how much this means to me." She said with a touched face and give him a tight hug and light kisses on his face as his reward.

Kyungsoo startled with her sudden actions but he let her be, he is enjoying the moment.

"If I am to be rewarded with this everytime I surprise you with a candle-light dinner, I would do this every time!" He said cheekily and both of them laugh. "Lets eat!" He said.

"For you, milady." He said and help her seat at her seat. He walk to his own seat and sit down.

"My my, what a gentleman" Hani said teasingly and smile at D.O. D.O blush and smile at her. After all this time, I still can't help but blush because of small things you did and said. D.O thought.

Hani just stare at him, "Why are you staring at me?" Hani said. D.O chuckled "Because you are gorgeous thats why. Now, lets eat!" He said.

I don't mind if time froze for a while at this moment.


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