The Date with Baekhyun

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Hani and Baekhyun arrived at Lotte World. Hani squel inside her head. She walks aimlessly, she just walk slowly and eyes darting to different places once in a while. Her smile is huge, her eyes are twinkling and sun shine reach her skin, making her skin look as if they are glowing. Baekhyun follow her from behind while smiling to himself.

She is just like a little kid. Baekhyun chuckled while looking at Hani. Suddenly, Hani turns around smile at Baekhyun. Baekhyun is awestruck. He is captured by her beauty. Her hair is long, black, shiny and wavy. And her beauty is a no joke.

"Baekhyun, why so slow?" Hani said from the place she stand. Baekhyun suddenly come back to his sense and he walk to her slowly.

"I am not slow. You are just too excited" Baekhyun smile while taking a closer look at her face.

Hani shrugged and walk beside him. Hani really is beautiful. Everyone who walk past her look at her and are whispering of her beauty. Some of them knew her of course. She is a famous model after all. But no one really come out and ask her for a picture or what simply because they are just standing there, looking at her overflowing charisma and beauty. Boys stare at her, girls adoring her. While Baekhyun is fast enough to entertwine their hands and glare at the nearest group of boys who are looking at Hani. Baekhyun himself think his action are a bit bold but whatever that keep Hani from those boys. Hani is oblivious to her surrounding and just look at Baekhyun with a confused face.

"I just don't want you to get lost. There is many people here and you do I say? You a child?" Baekhyun said and Hani frowns.

"I do not look like a child!" Hani defend herself and pouts without knowing. Baekhyun simply smile and pinch her cheek.

"Yaaaaah! What are you doing?" Hani whinned and her frown is deeper. Baekhyun stand in front of her and hold her shoulder.

"If you pout again maybe I will pinch your cheek harder than that or maybe if you refuse to do as what I said, I will kiss you." Baekhyun say while looking straight into Hani's eyes. Baekhyun saw Hani's cheeks are growing pink and she turn away.

"Lets just go, Baekhyun." Baekhyun smile cheekily from behind and jog to her side.

She is shy...kekeke what a cutie

"Cute" Baekhyun pinch Hani's cheek again and smile teasingly at her.

He is lucky that he is cute or else! Hani frown but let if pass.

Baekhyun intertwine their fingers once again and walk while smiling down at Hani. "Where are we going?" Hani asked and look around.

"We are going to play everything in the Lotte World. But a day is not enough. We will only play a few today and come again another time!!!" Baekhyun suddenly become hyper and now he is dragging Hani to god knows where. A smile crept on Hani's face without her knowing and she just allow Baekhyun bring her anywhere. Baekhyun stop in front of the Ghost House.

"I want to enter this place with you!" Baekhyun exclaim happily and swing their intertwine hands like a littlle kid. Hani look at Baekhyun.

Am I here with a little kid? Hani ask herself mentally and press her fingers to the side of her head. "Okay. Lets go" Hani aggreeing to Baekhyun's idea.

My chance to get closer with her hehehe. Baekhyun thought to himself while grinning and do the fist pumping. Hani just look at him and smile.

I am not scared of ghost, pabo yah. Hani thought while look at the excited Baekhyun. She is smiling to herself and drag Baekhyun to the entrance.

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