The Boys

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Hani look at her phone screen. She is too tired to open any notification. She decided that she will take a warm shower first and then she will read and reply D.O's messages. She walk to her room and quickly undress herself and walk to the shower. After a while, she came out of her bathroom, looking as fresh as ever but her eyes look tired. She wear her pajamas and sit on her bed. Hani unlock her phone and read D.O's messages


1st message

Eaten breakfast already? Don't forgot to eat your breakfast!

2nd message

Why are't you replying? Are you alright? Are you kidnapped??

3rd message

I'm worried sick here.hope you reply my messages soon as you saw them.

Hani chuckle and continue to read the rest of his message full of concern and blabbing. Since when is THE Do Kyungsoo become so caring? Especially to a girl? Hani replied


I'm sorry for not replying. didn't realize your messages! went out just now. Sorry and goodnight!

Hani send the message and lie on her bed. She is confused. Her heart beat fast for both Kyungsoo and Baekhyun. She shrugged it off and close her eyes. She thought of the way Baekhyun entertwine his fingers with hers. Hani shift her sleeping position. She don't feel comfortable. She can't sleep. Many things running in her mind right now. Her phone rings signalling someone is calling. She look at the name of the caller.


Hani uncounciously smile and she press the green button.

"Hello? Why are you not sleeping yet?? I just want to wish you good night!" Hani heard Baekhyun's cheerful voice on the other line.

"I have trouble sleeping. Thanks, Baekhyun." Hani said while twirling her hair.

"You can't sleep? I can sing you a song." Baekhyun said worriedly to Hani.

"Its okay, Baekhyun. You need your good night sleep too. I'll just count the sheeps" Hani replied to make Bekhyun feel better. Honestly, she don't want to burden Baekhyun.

"I want to be the one to escort you to your dreamland, not the sheeps! :(" Baekhyun is pouting on the other line.

Hani laughed. "Why do you sound like you are jealous of the sheeps? Oh god, they don't even exist, Baekhyun. I imagine they jumping over a fence in my head." Hani laughed harder when she heard Baekhyun groan.

"I don't care. You should be imagining me jumping over the fence instead." Baekhyun quickly adds. Hani about to make a comeback when she heard Baekhyun's soft voice, singing. His voice is soft.

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