The New Couple

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"I like you"

Hani is frozen. Her eyes widen, cheeks burning and heart beating faster than usual all due to Baekhyun. Baekhyun look at Hani. He look worried if he is turned down. His eyes are shining.

"Baekhyun, I—" Hani started, "Its okay if you treat me like a friend...I really don't—" Baekhyun cut.

Baekhyun's voice stuck at his throat. The words that is about to say to finish his sentence is forgotten. His breath hitched.

"—like you too" Hani finished talking. Baekhyun is still dazed. 

"W-what did you say just now?" Baekhyun ask Hani again. I must be hallucinating. Baekhyun thought to himself.

"I like you too." Hani said louder this time. Baekhyun can feel that his heart almost burst out and his smile is wider. 

"What is that?? I can't hear you!!!!" Baekhyun scream and teasing Hani.

"I said I like you too!!!" Hani replied. Both of them laugh and smile to each other.

They stop laughing and sit up facing each other.

" you accept my heart?" Baekhyun ask Hani while holding her hand. Hani look at Baekhyun.

"You know...I like Kyungsoo too but he like Mina.." Hani said. Baekhyun knew it and he hold Hani's hand tighter.

"But I will try to give my all to you" Hani quickly add. Baekhyun smile and just sit and look at Hani.

"Its okay..if you still haven't decide, I can still wait for you." Baaekhyun said. Hani look at Baekhyun. "I never thought the bad boy Baekyun will ever like me. You always bully me" Hani laughs and Baekhyun pout. "I liked you way before okay. I just didn't realize it. After the confession incident on the rooftop, I feel really guilty and I thought your smile is beautiful at that time." Baekhyun quickly adds.

Hani just laugh and stand up. Baekhyun stand up too and they walk to the car together. Suddenly, Baekhyun spin Hani facing him and give her a surprise hug. Hani is surprised and about to say something when Baekhyun cut her,

"I like you. I like you a lot. Or I love you? I don't even know anymore.. My whole world are revolving around you. I want you to be beside me always. I never thought I will feel this way towards anyone. I want you to always be in my embrace, I want to be the person you can rely on and I'm always jealous when you are close with D.O. I can make you happier better than he can. I will never hurt you or let you hurt!" Baekhyun said and hide his face on Hani's shoulder. 

Hani's cheeks are growing pink. She return the hug and just hold Baekhyun and patting his back. "I'm afraid to be in a know..before this I look very.. I never really have a boyfriend before and I don't know how to make you happy.." Hani said.

Baekhyun smile hearing Hani's confession on how she's feeling. "You will do alright. I will take care of you, I promise. But we can go slow. I know you are not ready. Lets just be in relationship but not official, if that can make you feel better, hm?" Baekhyun ask Hani. 

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