The Apologies

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"What are you doing here with Hani?" Baekhyun asked and look at both D.O and Hani

"We are just walking here. Since our History project are finished." D.O said and look at Baekhyun's curious eyes.

Kai, Chen, Sehun and Hani stand there awkwardly as they sense the atmosphere is a bit weird. Kai scoffed and look away. Chen found the tiles interesting to look at while Sehun on the other hand are staring at Hani. Hani sensed that someone is staring at her and she look at the source. She is greeted by Sehun's twinkling eyes. Suddenly, Sehun walk closer to Hani and tug her hand. Hani's face turn to pink and confuse at the same time.

"So..uhh...can I call you noona?" Sehun ask Hani shyly and continue to tug her hand and he is doing the face. The cute pleading face.

Hani keep quiet for a while, not knowing what to do or what to say. She stare at her own feet. Suddenly, Kai, Baekhyun, and D.O screamed

"NO!" the three of them look at each other for a few seconds and look back at Sehun. More like look at Sehun's hand.

"Yah!!!!!!!!! Only I can call her noona! She is my noona!!!!" Kai screamed and snatch Hani's hand away from Sehun.

"Yah you little kids! She is not your noona!" Baekhyun snatch Hani's hand from Kai.

"SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS! She is here to spend her time with me! I met her first!" D.O joins in and snatch Hani's hand from Baekhyun.

"NOPE. SHE IS HERE TO GET MY TROLLING LESSON" Chen appears out of nowhere and snatch Hani's hand from D.O. Chen runs and drag Hani along without saying anything leaving the others screaming their name from behind. Hani on the other hand stay silent and try to process what the hell just happened. Chen drag her near a waterfall and ask her to sit down and relax.

"What am I doing here?" Hani finally ask Chen while trying to catch her breath and hands grabbing tissues from her handbag to wipe the sweat on her forehead.

"Now you ask, huh? I saved you of course." Chen answer while smiling cheekily at Hani. Hani stare at him and say nothing. Hani look away and feel the cool air touch her skin. Chen look at the beauty in front of him and countinue staring.

"Thank you, Chen sshi" Hani suddenly speak and showing him her billion dollar smile. Chen grow pink for the first time in his life ( by a girl ;) ). He never felt so shy before. He is the person who usualy left someone flustered of his trolling or tease.

" are welcome..Nothing big. I just take you away from those idiots" Chen stammered and look at his feet while talking. Hani chuckled and smile again.

"WHAT IDIOT????" Someone said from behind. Hani and Chen turn around and greeted by a fierce looking Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun and D.O. Che's lips broke into a smirk as he lands his eyes on each of them. Hani look at them and try hard to hold back her laugh.

"Yah! You troll! Why do you take her away from us??" Baekhyun said to Chen while the others just nod their heads, waiting for Chen to answer his question.

"Because........You guys are so noisy!!!!!" Chen's high pitch voice go a pitch higher and he look teasingly at the four boys in front of him.

"We are so sorry, Hani. We didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything." D.O said while looking at Hani apologetically.

Hani look at everyone else, "its okay Kyungsoo...and you guys. I'm not that mad." Hani quiclkly say it as she show her 'its okay' face.

D.O let her call him Kyungsoo? He never let anyone call him Kyungsoo..Only his parents does..- Kai, Sehun, Chen, and Baekhyun ask themselves.

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