The Kims

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"Baekhyun.." Hani's eyes are red, her cheeks are wet with her tears. Baekhyun, confused with what is happening, look at Hani questioningly.

"Hani...what happened to you?" Baekhyun ask. His eyes are full of concern. "Kyungsoo...he like Mina.." Hani find it hard to say the short sentence. She felt like her heart is stabbed many times just by saying it. She cried in front of Baekhyun. She is helpless. She can't conrol her feelings, she never felt so sad like this before. Baekhyun pull her in a comforting hug. Baekhyun felt sad himself, knowing Hani cry for D.O. She like him. Baekhyun himself feel like crying seeing her in such a heartbreaking sight.

Baekhyun let Hani cry in his embrace. His eyes are soft, looking at her. After Hani stop crying, he guide Hani to a playground nearby. Baekhyun pull Hani's head to his shoulder and rub her back. 

"Shh..everything will be alright. I am here for you, always." Baekhyun say and look at Hani. Hani calmed down and look at Baekhyun. "I'm so stupid, right? Liking a guy for god knows how many years but he never like me back. So stupid. I..I'm—" Baekhyun cut Hani's sentence by singing a lullaby. 

Hani lift her head and look at Baekhyun. He look so soft and calm. Why don't I fall for him instead of Kyungsoo? Hani thought.

Slowly, Baekhyun turn to look at Hani. He smile eventhough he is sad. Hani look at Baekhyun and smile to him.

Baekhyun look at his watch, "Its almost 5. You need to go home, your parents will get worried. I'll send you, come on Hone—"

"Why didn't i fall for you instead of him?" Baekhyun is stunned, hearing the sentence came out from Hani's mouth. Baekhyun's heart is beating fast.

"You are always by my side. Why didn't I fall for you first? Hmm" Hani added and she look so deep in thought. Baekhyun smiled and look at Hani.

"I wish so too. So that you wont cry. That fish eye is so gullible, he even have a weird sense of fashion. Such a satan, no wonder he liked black so much." Baekhyun said and his eyes are rolling, eyebrows furrowed. Hani look at Baekhyun and laugh. Baekhyun is confused. Why would she laugh? Hani look at Baekhyun and her laugh fades slowly.

"I have always wonder when will I see sassy Baekhyun in action. Now that I saw what I want, my life is complete xD" Hani said and laugh again. Baekhyun knew Hani is joking but he felt happy when Hani said that her life is complete because of him. Soon, Baekhyun join Hani's laugh. His eyes turning into cute crescents. Baekhyun feel happy. He feel like floating.

How I wish time stopped.  Both Hani and Baekhyun thought in their heads.


Baekhyun walk Hani to her house, hand in hand. Suddenly, Hani's parents stop their car beside Hani and Baekhyun.

"Hey young lovers, I think both of you should take a ride with us so that you will arrive faster." Hani's dad say while smiling. Hani's mom, by the way, sitting on the passengers seat beside her father, giggling like a high school girl. Her mom is young though, young at heart ;)

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