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Hani is walking along the school hallway while trying her best to avoid people, or someone. Her walking pace is fast. She need to get to the cafeteria fast and unseen by him. Other students are giving her weird looks but she could care less. The most important thing to her now is need to avoid him and food. Yes, food. Everyone let her pass through since she is the chubby girl who everyone seems to be avoiding. Not because they are scared of her. It is because they are scared if she accidentally push them on her way or injure them because, hey, she's the chubby girl. They are not scared of her. But scared of what her size are able to do.

Hani arrived at the cafeteria, the very noisy cafereteria. She stop for a while and scan every single students in the cafeteria.

OH YES THANK GOD HE'S NOT HERE. Now i shall find a place to eat!

Hani grinned and happily walk to the empty table. She settled down and began to eat the food she brought from home. While eating, her eyes wander around the cafeteria. She have the feeling that he will appear soon.

Suddenly, everyone in the cafeteria stop whatever they are doing.

They are here...EXO arrived. There he is! D.O! He is so handsome today..

Wait, if EXO is here..'he' should be here too.

Suddeny, someone pour water on her head. Her brain stopped functioning for a while.

This. This is what I have been avoiding since this morning..

The culprit smirk while pouring water on her head. Slowly, she hear everyone laughing at her. EXO looking at her with expectation and mockery in their eyes. And... D.O laughing at her, along with everyone else in the cafeteria.

"Hey, Ugly"

​Byun Baekhyun.

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