The Appa Soo's Proposal

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"Hyung, why do you have a set of knife in your room?"

"—okay I'll shut up and play outside" Kai finally said when he saw the way D.O look at him. Apparently, Kai barged in Hani's and D.O's morning cuddling session because he is hungry. 

What happened? 

So, Kai is hungry and any of his hyungs refuse to cook because they are scared of the new set of knife, the kitchen, and the devil himself, D.O. So, Kai barged in their room and interrupted their little cuddling session on the bed. Once he barged in, D.O yelled his name so loud that the rest of EXO are praying for Kai's safety downstairs. Nonetheless, Hani asked D.O to cook for the poor kid. D.O only cook for him because Hani ask him to do it instead.

Hani walk in the kitchen, looking fresh and beautiul early in the morning. D.O finished cooking breakfast for everyone and put it on the table. 

"Lets eat first. I want to spend time with you after this." D.O said and Hani just smile and eat her food. Baekhyun, look at them from far. Hoping he is the one to prepare Hani breakfast and feed her. Hoping he is the one to hold her hand and joke with her. He sigh.

D.O and Hani walk upstairs and prepare to go out and spend time together, along with Taehyung.

D.O carried Taehyung in the baby strollers with one hand while his other hand are holding Hani's hands tightly. The rest of EXO just let them be and eat but Baekhyun still feel the emptiness in his heart. He hold his heart and close his eyes. EXO, of course saw him but they pretend not to see anything because they decided not to bring the topic up.


D.O and Hani is at the back of the car. Sitting next to each other with Taehyung in her arms. 

"Kyungsoo, where are we going?" Hani ask. D.O just smile reassuringly, "Somewhere comfortable for me, you and Taehyung to spend out family time" Hani pout playfully and she nuzzle her face in Taehyung's face, playing with her son. D.O look at them, feeling the warmth of the sight that made him feel at home, where he belong.

After a few minutes, they arrived at a garden. "We are here to playyyyy" D.O said and jump like a little kid which made him look like a little kid. Hani chuckle "Yah, you big baby! Come here and walk with us" Hani said. D.O look at her and smile, "Anything for you, my big baby" D.O said cheekily and pinch her cheeks. Hani push him away gently and fake a sad face with her lower lip jutted out.

D.O look at her and chuckle. He go to her back and hug her entirely, resting his hands on her hands. "Sorry, I can't resist your cuteness. You are so squishy now! So cute!!!!" D.O said and keep on hugging her. He broke the hug and walk next to her while smiling. They walk in a random shop to buy snacks. D.O pay the food with Hani standing beside him, holding onto Taehyung's stroller. 

The owner of the shop look at them admiringly. "The two of you would make a great parents" She said. D.O and Hani blush and say their thanks to the ahjumma. They walk in silence and sit at the middle of the big garden. Hani's eyes wandering around. She felt like a princess, being surrounded by flowers and nature.

"You like it?" D.O ask. "I like it so much, Kyungsoo!" Hani said and peck his cheeks suddenly that he blushed at the sudden contact.

They eat their snack and talk about random things for a while and laugh while enjoying their time togehter.

"Look! He giggled!!!! Aren't Appa Soo the best? He is the best! Yes he is the besttt!" He said and nuzzle his face with Taehyung's face making the baby giggle in delight again. "See, Hani? I am the best Appa there is!" D.O said and play with Taehyung. Hani just look at them and snap a few pictures for her to keep.

"I can't believe that ahjumma mistaken us as a parents" D.O said with his face in a relaxed position.

Hani chuckle, "Yeah. Do we even look like a married couple? We are not married for god's sake" Hani said. 

"Then do you want to get me?" D.O said and kneel on the ground.

He take out a ring out of his pocket, "This ring is from my mother. Our family pass it to the daughter or daughter in law if they are getting married." D.O said and blushed slighly. Hani had his mouth open, eyes widening in size.

"I'm not good with words nor am I perfect and handsome or hot, I hope you will listen to me very carefully" He said.

"I love you. I love you so much that I want to protect you from everything that can hurt you in any way. I love you as you are a very strong and independant woman. Very daring, soft, gentle and stern. I really love you since high school but I was too blind to realize it earlier. I really love you...I love you..I wish to keep you forever by my side even if it sound selfish. You are the only person in my heart, you are locked in there and I can't get you out. My heart is now your shelter and your home. My heart now is yours to are the new owner. Your kisses are my medicine, your lips are my drug, your hug is my castle, your eyes are my world and your heart is my everything. So—"

Is he gonna?—

"Will you marry me?"


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