The Visitor

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Hani walk in her mansion and go straight to her room after she had her dinner. She cleaned herself and wear a night gown. She runs her fingers along her long and wavy hair tenderly while looking at her reflection on the mirror in front of her. She open her macbook and begin to surf the internet until she remembered that she is suppossed to let D.O know that she is home safe and sound. Hani stand up and take her phone on her bed. She unlock the screen and send a message to D.O, letting him know that she arrived home. Hani continue to search the internet until suddenly her phone rings. She look at the phone and D.O's name appeared on the screen. Hani pressed the green button and she is greeted by D.O's soft yet manly voice.

"Hey, Hani. Sorry that I called you out of nowhere. I just want to confirm that the person who sent me the text message just now is you" D.O said on the other line.

Hani's tone turned into an amused one "Of course its me. Who else would it be, Kyungsoo? Anything else?" Hani replied while eyes still glued on her macbook's screen.

"Nothing. What are you doing? You sound a bit rushed?" D.O ask out of curiousity. Seriously, who would be rushing in the middle of the night?

"I'm looking for a good movie to watch because I'm bored. Anything else?" Hani replied while clicking on the movie that she found interesting to watch at this hour.

"What movie are you watching?" D.O suddenly ask

"I'm watching the White Chicks. Its been a while" Hani said while leaning on her chair, waiting for the movie to load. D.O stay silent on the other line.

"Lets watch it together" D.O broke the silence by suggesting an idea.

"Huh?" Hani is confused. What does he mean by watching it together?

"I mean..uhh..we watch the same movie at the same time. You watch it in your room while I watch it in" D.O suggest, a bit confused by his own words "-get it?"

"Uh..oh..yeah. Sure" Hani just agree to D.O's idea.

That night Hani ended up watching the White Chicks with D.O. When the movie was over, Hani close her macbook and prepare herself on her bed.

Suddenly, Hani received a text message from D.O

Good night, Hani. Sleep tight.

Her phone receive another text message from none other than Baekhyun

Good night, Honeyyyyyy!!! >< Sleep well and I hope you are dreaming an amazing dream with me in it! See you tomorrow!

Hani read Baekhyun's message twice. This kid is so energetic even at night. But what does he mean by 'see you tomorrow'? And whats with my new nickname? Hani shrugged it off since sleep is more important than anything else to her right now. Hani lay on her bed and get herself comfortable. Soon enough, she fell asleep.


Hani slowly open her eyes. She is awake but she refuse to leave her bed. She sighs and look at the time in her phone.

hmmm 9 am? still early.

Hani yawns and sit lazily on her bed. She look at her unread message and saw two good morning text from D.O and Baekhyun.

From Kyungsoo:

Good morning, Hani. Do you sleep well? Make sure to eat your breakfast.

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