The Good Company, Kyungsoo

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Hani woke up from her dream and glace at Baekhyun who is sleeping soundly on her right with his hands holding her securely and their legs tangling. Baekhyun look just like a baby when he is sleeping. Hani look at her husband's perfection and trace her finger on his cheeks to his pointy nose and his lips.

"Mmmm" Baekhyun open his eyes slowly and bite her fingers playfully, "Good morning, beautiful" Baekhyun greeted Hani. 

"Good morning, handsome" Hani said and smile at Baekhyun. Baekhyun wake up and stretch himself. Hani stand and walk in to wash.

After 30 minutes, both of them are ready at the dining table to have a breakfast together. They eat breakfast in silence but eyes glancing at each other once in a while. After they eat, Hani decided to go to the library special made in their mansion for her. She likes to read. She siton the floor comfortably since she think its better to read on the floor.

Suddenly, Baekhyun came in the library, "Honey, I have to help my father at the office. We are...kinda busy now, he needed my help. I'll send someone to accompany you, okay? Bye sweetheart. See you later!" Baekhyun said and peck her lips. He rushingly go to his car and drive to the office.

Hani is now alone in the big mansion with the maids and butlers. Borrrrinngggggggg. Hani thought. She continue to read her storybook for an hour or so when suddenly someone knock on the library door and come in.

Its the face that she missed for a while now.



"Baekhyun ask you to come here to accompany me?" Hani ask D.O while sitting indian style on the floor with D.O sitting in front of her, on the floor too. "Yup. He said you need someone to keep you entertained." D.O answered, smiling. "—and since I am your bestfriend, he asked me to come. And all the boys are busy now. Except for me, I helped my dad with his company earlier and I'm free now." D.O adds.

Hani nod and continue to wander her eyes around the library. D.O just look at her and chuckle, "Heyyyy! Are you laughing at me?" Hani ask D.O with a pout. "No! I just thought you look like a kid!" D.O asnwered back. Hani look at him for a while and laugh.

"Are you laughing at me now?" D.O ask. "Yes. Your eyes are so big. I wonder if they are gonna pop out of its' sockets" Hani tease and D.O just pout playfully.

"How are you and Mina? She don't mind you come here to accompany me? Its been months seen the last time I have seen her.." Hani said.

"—we are not in a relationship anymore." D.O answered while staring at the carpeted floor with an emotionless face. Meanwhile, Hani is taken back by his answer. She did not expect that coming out of his mouth, really.

"W-What happened??" Hani ask with a curious eyes. "I mean, you guys always look so lovey dovey and all..Its impossible for you guys to beak up, really" Hani added. 

"We decided to be friends. She's not in Korea now. She is in China, her family moved there for some family reasons. And, after all..we just thought of each other like a friend in the end. We are completely calm about it. No tears at all. I felt relieved, we felt relieved." D.O aswered Hani's question while staring deeply in her eyes.

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