The Bullies

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What...the hell happened? She stands up and all eyes are on her.

"Hey, Ugly. How are you feeling? Feeling fresh and clean?" Baekhyun laughed, "Hey, everyone! Look at this loser! I don't know why but just by seeing her face makes me want to bully her. Maybe because she is ugly and poor and a nerd!" Baekhyun announced. She felt it. She felt it again. She felt the ultimate humiliation. She is angry, yes, angry. She glare at Baekhyun and run away with tears in her eyes. Why can't he leave her alone? She is bullied by Baekyun since forever, OH GOD. Baekhyun bullied her since her first year in the school. She don't know why. No one knows why. Hani run to her class, pick up her bag along with other stuff. She ran away from school. She can't stand it. She came from a rich family. A very rich family. Her family is the richest family in Seoul. Her father is one of the most successful businessman in Asia. Her mother is a famous fashion designer. She had a brother. His name is Taemin who is now working as a lawyer. And there she is, a normal looking girl. She is not the prettiest girl in her school, no. Heck, she is the chubby girl who always got into trouble at school. She is bullied by students, not everyone though. She is a very smart girl. She is brilliant! Her teachers love her. But she is bullied. Not just anyone, but Byun Baekhyun. Baekhyun's family own the school. Thats why he likes to order people around and bully other students especially Hani.

Back to Hani!

Hani arrived at her house (read: mansion). She barge in and run to her room. Her parents are there, talking and joking. They saw Hani and they stopped talking.

Hani POV

Insolent jerk! He humiliated me in front of everyone! OH GOD i don't want to go to school anymore! Not after what happened especially when Kyungsoo saw her in that condition.

"What should I do now... I had enough. He bullied me since my first year and he's never gonna stop..."

Knock knock

"Hani? Are you alright? Whats wrong????" Her parents barge in her room without her answering the door first.

I can't keep this to myself anymore. I need to move away from this school!

"Mom, dad..I need to tell you something..."

No one's POV

And with that, she shared her problems with her parents. And being the understanding parents they are, they agreed to send Hani to other school. A school in other country.

Baekhyun POV

She ran away? Thats alright with me. There is always next time to bully that nerd.

"Baek, as much as we enjoy seeing you bullying her, can we know the reason why you are bullying her?" asked D.O

"Oh yeah. Because its fun of course" why not? Bleh. Its always fun bullying people. But bullying that nerd is a different story. I just felt like bullying her thats why. I enjoy seeing her suffer x)

"Oh" D.O replies. Whatever. Deep inside, our D.O enjoys seeing that nerd's suffering too, i can tell!

One more thing, she seems to have a thing for D.O too. Of course i can tell! She always look at D.O with dreamy eyes!

"Hey D.O, you know...the nerd seems to have a crush on you." i speak

"ohoooo I know this! She always look at D.O hyung with that eyes!" Sehun the bratty maknae joins in the conversation.

"Oh really? She's not my type. Look at her. She is not that pretty. Heck, she is not pretty at all." D.O aswers with emotionless face.

Unfortunately for her, D.O is just like me. But he is meaner. He even called me ugly before :( but that is just a joke of course

"Hey, guys. i have a great idea! Listen to me" I grinned and tell EXO my plan.

You are so gonna get it, woman! Thats for running away just now! *i mentally do the evil laugh*

Kyungsoo POV that nerd have a thing for me? Gross. Baekhyun's idea is great.. Its always fun to bully people.

That guy is a devil i tell you. I bet she's gonna cry all day after our plan.

I cant wait to see her crying face. She is ugly and when she cries, I bet she'll look uglier. I smirk.

Hani POV

Sigh..I have to go to school for another 3 days to settle down everthing. Well, thats alright since I'm gonna change school anyways. It's already night. Whatever happens, I'm still the good girl, I'm still gonna attend school and I don't want to waste my time at home. I still need to attend classes.


well...goodnight then.

i pray before I sleep and added

" May tomorrow be a good day for


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