The Baby

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"It is reported that Byun Baekhyun, the future CEO of Byun Company and his wife are having a fight at a restaurant yesterday night. Other sources told us that Byun Baekhyun are in a relationship with his secretary whose identity will be remain unknown.His wife, Hani, a famous super model and now a sucessful CEO of a newly found fashion brand, and also a designer, are now pregnant with their first child. What happened yesterday were watched by many people in the restaurant. Lets watch the interview with one of the witness."

"Sir, can you tell us briefly of what happened yesterday?"

"Yes. I watched the whole scene when I saw the woman with Mr Byun bumped into his wife. From what I see, Mr Byun was angry at her wife and accusing her things. He slapped Hani sshi and she cried, suddenly, Mr Do, the new CEO of the famous DO company and aslo a few of his friends come to her. Mr Do defended her and they left—just like that. In my opinion, Mr Byun is the one to be blamed. How can he treat his pregnant wife like that? He freaking slapped her in front of everyone in the restaurant! Well I am absolutely glad someone saved her!"

"Thank you for the information, Sir. As what we heard from one of the witnesses—"

Luhan turn off the television when Hani enter the living room. EXO look at her and smile. Hani felt weird because all the attention is on her.

"Okay..." She said and sit at the couch. Sitting in between D.O and Luhan. "What were you guys watching just now?" Hani ask and lean to D.O. EXO froze for a while and they look at each other nervously.

"Noona, I'm hungry. Lets order fried chicken." Kai said out of the blue. The rest of EXO sigh in relief when Hani smile widely and said "Yes Yes Yes!!" excitingly.

"Then Kris ge can pay for us! Yayyy!!!" Tao, Kai and Sehun said while doing their little happy dance. Kris sigh and smile at Hani, "I'll pay. Don't worry." Kris said and dial the number.

D.O grab Hani's arms and help her to seat beside him on the couch. He rest her head on his chest and run his fingers through her silky hair. Hani let him be and close her eyes in delight.

Meanwhile, the rest of EXO are bickering. They are currently trying to figure out what game should they play tonight. Of course its gonna be



Mr and Mrs Byun met with Hani's parents. 

They discussed in peace, no fighting or what. "We should end this. For Hani and the baby." Mrs Byun said sadly. They knew whats going on when EXO called them yesterday night to inform what happened from A to Z. 

"I am so sorry for my son's behaviour. He is so...ergh" Mr Byun said and apologizing to Mr and Mrs Kim.

Both of the sides are coming to their only solution and they are still business partners and remain bestfriends .

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