The Next Morning

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"Hmmmm why are we here, again?" A voice ask with full of curiousity.

"Shut up, Sehun. They will wake up if you talk loudly!" Xiumin hissed/whisper(?)

"Yah you two losers keep quiet" Chen said, voice souding steady. "—Ouch! That hurts, Xiumin hyung!" He cried.

"You troll! Can't you keep your voice lower!?" Luhan voiced his thoughts 'loudly'. "Hyungs, dongsaengs, can you guys speak in a lower voice? They are sleeping." Suho said.

"Ish!" Kris added, voice sound annoyed. 

D.O wake up upon hearing the sound of camera clicking in front of his face and hearing his 'brothers' bickering like little kids.

He open his eyes, Hani still in his embrace. "....." He said nothing while staring at everyone in front of him quitely.

"—OR WORST, D.O HYUNG WILL WAKE UP SO SHUT UP!" Kai said furiously with his hands waving dramatically in front of his hyungs.

"Get the hell out of here." D.O said while staring at each and everyone of them with an emotionless face, still in the same position. Chanyeol stop taking the couple's pictures and run out of the room with everyone following in a rush.

"Idiots." D.O mumble with his eyes closed. Suddenly, a hand brush his hair gently. D.O open his eyes and look at the person, his frown turn into a smile when he look at the pair of eyes in front of him. 

"Hani, you look restless..." D.O said and hold her face close to him, looking at her worriedly.

Hani only smile "I take care of Taehyung last night. He cried.." Hani said. D.O lean his face towards Hani's and rest his forehead on her's.

"Next time, wake me up, okay? I will help you.." Hani smile and nodded. Their gaze locked on each other's eyes. Slowly, his eyes are gazing her lips and he connect his lips with her's in a loving way. 

Their lips are moving in synchronize, eyes closed, not minding the chaos happening in the living room. 

They broke their kiss and gasp for air. 

Hani blushed and hide under the comforter, facing the other way round. D.O chuckle in glee. He cuddle with her under the comforter while grinning widely. He is so happy that his morning today is better than any other morning in his life.

Hani on the other hand, enjoying the warmth of his body and turn her head facing him and she snuggle to his chest.


D.O help Hani walk downstairs while Luhan is carrying Taehyung in his arms. Once they reach the dining room, everyone rush to Taehyung. Each and everyone of them are trying to win his smile.

"He is not smiling!!! Look at his stare! His eyes are making me uncomfortable. He look at me with D.O hyung's eyes :<" Tao said and then he try harder to win Taehyung's smile.

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