I Can Cook! (Baekhyun)

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"Damn it. Damn it. Damn it" Baekhyun muttering curses under his breath. This is my freaking 6th attempt to make her a plate spaghetti! Baekhyun thought with his eyebrows furrowed and hands busy cleaning the sink after he failed his 6th attempt.

"Hyung, did you learn how to make spaghetti from the cartoon Mr Bean? Tch" Tao said and high fived with Sehun while laughing. Baekhyun is frustrated. His face is screaming 'WAHT TEH FCUK?!'. He wanted to cry. Sure, at first he is pretty sure he can make it in just one attempt alone without anybody's help. He walk to the living room with his deep-in-thought-face when he slipped and his body sprawled on the floor. He didn't stand up or sit, he just let himself there, thinking where did it gone wrong. 

"GOD, its just a spaghetti, Baekhyun" D.O said while kicking his leg with a book in his hand. Baekhyun turn his face to look at D.O. He is so desperate for help. He need to make a spaghetti for his wife who is by the way working at this hour. D.O though, amused with the look Baekhyun give him. He look so depressed before and now his face is glowing? D.O thought and brush it away. He is about to walk to the couch and sit, leaving the lifeless Baekhyun on the floor when—

"D.O, please help me cook spaghetti for Hani." Baekhyun said. D.O stop his track and turn around to look at Baekhyun. Baekhyun is still in the same position as before, sprawled on the floor lifelessly and no one seems to care and just walk. 

D.O look at the man on the floor and take a glance at the book he is reading halfway, Italian food recipe



"SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!!" D.O yelled when EXO decided to sit down in the kitchen and watch them cook. Baekhyun just stand there and help D.O. 

"GOODNESS, I will make sure you guys never gonna able to see the sun tomorr—"

"OK." The rest of EXO said and walk out of the kitchen except for the hyung lines. Luhan, Kris and Xiumin remain seated in the kitchen. "Its almost done. Baekhyun, put the spaghetti on the plate" D.O order Baekhyun and he clean the kitchen. After a while, D.O walk out of the kitchen with a satisfied look on his face, he used the recipe he read on the book and he is pretty sure his cooking can light up Hani's day.

"Thanks for everything, D.O" Baekhyun said with his shining eyes and he said it with a very—very cute aegyo which make D.O said nothing and faster get away from Baekhyun's sight feeling creeped out.

"Yo yo yo man" Luhan said and lean on the chair. "Yoooo" Kris said. "OH GOD. NOT AGAIN WITH ALL THE 'YO'S" Xiumin said and hold his head. Baekhyun just laugh and place 2 plates of spaghetti on the table, one for him and one more for his love.

"So, Baek. Sorry for crashing in your house again" Xiumin said. Baekhyun stop and look at his hyungs with an unreadable eyes. "Oh yeah you guys always know when to come because you guys interrupted our moment again" Baekhyun said. Kris laugh "We are sorry, we just want to play with Taehyung." Baekhyun sit on a chair "Its okay" he said and wipe the imaginary sweat on his forehead dramatically.

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