The Confession

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Hani wake up from her sleep, feeling someone brushing her hair ever so gently and humming a melody softly. Hani open her eyes only to be greeted by Baekhyun's shining ones. Hani sit up along with Baekhyun.

"Good morning" both of them said to each other at the same time. They pause for a while and look at each other's eyes before laughing happily together. "How was your sleep, Honey?" Baekhyun ask Hani. Hani laughed and show Baekhyun her cute thumbs up. "Cute" Baekhyun said and pinch Hani's cheeks. Hani smile and stand up. Hani stand up and walk around the living room and Baekhyun follow her everywhere she goes to tease her. Hani stop and turn her body "Dont follow me!" Hani said and fake a pout. Baekhyun look away and pretend that he is innocent "i'm not following you". Hani huffs and walk to her room. Baekhyun still folllow her from behind. 

Hani is about to enter her bathroom when Baekhyun uncounciously follow her from behind. 

"Do you want to take a bath with me too?" Hani ask. Baekhyun snapped out of his thought and look at Hani. "Erm..I..My legs kinda brought me!!!" Baekhyun quickly and left Hani's room. Hani laughs and shake her head while smiling. Idiot. She thought.

Meanwhile, Baekhyun stand out side her room with a flushed red face. Mr and Mrs Kim saw him looking zooned out and Mrs Kim snap her finger in front of him, "Baekhyun, are you alright? Your face is red..are you sick?" Mrs Kim ask Baekhyun worriedly. Baekhyun look at them and shake his head, "I-Im alright. Thanks for asking..and good morning!" Baekhyun said and quickly make his way to the room that he is suppossed to sleep in last night.

Mr and Mrs Kim are left dazed. "What is that?" Mrs Kim said to no one particular. Mr Kim smiled, "I guess something happened just now. Let it be xD" he said to his wife. Both of them then make their way to the dining table.

Baekhyun enter the room and sit on the bed when suddenly someone knock the door. Baekhyun open the door and he is greeted by butler Choi. 

"Your parents packed your clothes and your driver sent it last night." Butler Choi said. Baekhyun take the bag and bow to Butler Choi, "Thank you" Baekhyun said. Butler Choi smiled "welcome" and walk away.

Baekhyun then proceed to the bathroom and take a shower while singing to random songs that come in his mind.


After about 20 minutes, Baekhyun and Hani is seated at the dining table. Hani's parents ate earlier because they need to check the trip schedule. As usual, they play while they are eating and end up feeding each other x) kekeke

After they finished with breakfast, they seat at the living room. The maids and butlers took their luggage and deal with it. After a while, Mr Kim called Hani and Baekhyun to enter the car. Its time to go to the airport.

In the car, Hani keep thinking how about school ,then? And soon enough, her thoughs are centered to Kyungsoo. Hani began to feel her excitement fade and she shakes her head to forget it. "How about school?" Hani ask and Mrs Kim answered, "We are gonna be there till Sunday. You will come to school next week. We informed the school already, darling". Hani nod and look outside the car window.

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