The Fine Day

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"Ah! Baekhyun ah!" Taemin said and rushed to Baekhyun. Baekhyun stand properly and give Taemin a proper hug. "How are you, hyung?" Baekhyun ask politely. Taemin smile. "I'm doing alright. I came back here for a while because of some business for a few days and decided to visit my baby girl and look how's she doing with her husband." Baekhyun said. Baekhyun only smile shyly and offer Taemin to have a tea with them.

The rest of EXO just look at Taemin. They never knew Hani have a brother. Her brother is just like her. He is outgoing and polite too. Not to say handsome and dressed smartly, like a high classed man. 

Taemin is in the kitchen while talking with Hani, catching up things that he missed while he were not there. Baekhyun let the siblings have a little talk so he walk to the living room and just sit on the single seat. Baekhyun take the newspaper on the table and read it. 

After a while, the sibllings walk to the living room and sit with the boys.

"Hey!" Taemin said casually at EXO. The rest of EXO greet him back with a simple 'hey' 'hi' 'yo'. EXO introduced themselves.

"So you guys are my baby girl's friends? Nice to meet you and sorry for barging the house so suddenly" Taemin said and smile. The rest of EXO just look at Taemin. They are surprised by the way he talk. He talk very politely and casual but he make it sound as it sound semi-formal. The aura around Taemin can be felt as his face show confidence.

"What do you work as, Taemin sshi?" Tao ask Taemin. The other guys just look at him.

"I am a lawyer. And..Tao, drop the formalities! Just call me Taemin hyung!" EXO and Taemin are talking and they are getting comfartable with each other. Suddenly, "Look, guys, I have to go now. I'm rushing because I need to solve a case here. I really need to go and find sometime to visit Omma and Appa too." Baekhyun said as he stand up while glancing at his watch.

"WHAT?? You haven't visited Omma and Appa???" Hani asked with a surprised face and hit Taemin's face with the cushion pillow. Taemin laugh and quickly bow to the EXO while EXO bow back to him. 

"Sorry and don't tell them I was here. It is supposed to be a secret! See you later and nice to know you lovely dongsaengs. Bye bye!" Taemin said while quickly run to the door.

"Wow.....thats fast.." Kai said. Hani sigh, she missed her oppa and they only manage to catch up in a few hours. Baekhyun look at Hani and rest his arm on her shoulder, pulling her close to him. 

"We need to go now, boys. I think we disturb them enough. Kekeke we distrubed them a few times already. So, lets go. Kajaaaaaa!" Luhan said while eyeing Baekhyun and Hani. Baekhyun only roll his eyes back while Hani smile shyly.


EXO is nowhere in their house now. Baekhyun just look at his how, eyes wandering everywhere, checking for any mess made by them. After he scanned the entire living room and kitchen, his face are plastered with a big smile. 

Time for husband and wife! Baekhyun thought while grinning like a child, walking to their room. Hani is there, she finished shower a few minutes ago. She is dressed up in a simple floral dress for fun.

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