Appa Soo (Kyungsoo)

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"Oh my god. Oh my god" D.O keep on mumbling under his breath.  Hani is in the emergency room. He just saw her second ago and he is still in shock. Yes, he is there with Hani when she gave birth to Taehyung but now its different. He is Hani's lawful husband and Hani is giving birth to his baby. The pressure is different and the feeling is different.

He is sweating, his eyes are wandering around, he is walking in circles with his palms brushing. He don't know what to do and his mind is blocked. All he can think of now is Hani and Kyungmi. EXO is there sitting on the chair, worried. Especially Luhan, he is almost the same as D.O but he is a calmer version of him. Even Baekhyun is standing up, staring blankly but its obvious that he is worried too. And for the first time, Kai, Sehun and Tao are quiet and Kris, the cold city guy put on a worried expression instead of his usual cool city guy expression. 

"Mr Do, we need you in there for Mrs Do" A nurse came and told D.O. D.O heard that kinda request once but this time, he gulp. His eyes widening. 

"Mr Do?"

"Oh. YES YES YES. Coming" He said and he face EXO. The rest of them only look at him, smiling in encouragement while the maknaes are doing the 'fighting!' pose. 

"You can do it, D.O." Luhan said and pats his shoulder. D.O nod and smile. He walk in Hani's ward and quickly go beside her and hold her hand.

Hani is so nervous but after D.O come in and hold her hand, she is calmer now. D.O look at her and kiss her forehead sweetly and as gentle as he can.

"Darling, you can do this" D.O said encouragingly and Hani nods with her eyes closed and sweat formed on her forehead. Her hold on his hand is tighter.

This is it


"Congratulations Mrs Do! Your daughter is beautiful and healthy!" The doctor said happily. Hani can't help but to smile in happiness eventhough she is so tired and she feel like fainting. Hani is smiling, her hands still in her husband's hold.

"Darling, I did it! Thats our daughter! Its Kyungmi, honey!" Hani said and tears of happiness formed in her eyes. Nothing is more precious than this. The doctor is smiling and are walking towards D.O with Kyungmi in her arms.

"Mr Do, your daughter" The Doctor said, smiling. Hani is smiling, can't wait to see her daughter in her beloved husband's hold for the first time. Meanwhile, D.O is shivering, he feel like dying. He is so happy and surprised and thankful and touched that he can't even utter a word and his eyes are so wide. "Oh dear God. Dear God.." He is muttering weird things.

The Doctor look at him, still holding Kyungmi in her arms, attempting to give Kyungmi to the panicking father.

"Mr Do? Mr—" 

There lies Mr Do on the floor, uncounciously. He freaking fainted.

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