Sarang (Baekhyun)

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"Baek, what the hell? Calm down!" Chen screamed when Baekhyun can't control himself, waiting for Hani outside the emergency room. He has been walking and bumping with everyone around him, he don't seem to realize it and his action irritated them and Chen is the only one who can't stand it anymore. Sure, everyone is worried and it is clearly shown on everyone's face but they are not as anxious as Baekhyun. 

"Baek, everything will be alright" Luhan said, pushing his shoulder down to let him sit down and pat his shoulder encouragingly. Baekhyun look at him and try to calm down. 


He keep thinking of how's Hani doing. He is biting his nail and his eyes are filled with worry. 

"Mr Byun, we need you to be with her" A nurse came and informed Baekhyun. Baekhyun's eyes widen. "O-okay" He said. He look back at his friends and all of them are smiling and encouraging him. 

"Fighting!" Tao said and the rest of them mumbling similar lines and smile. Baekhyun relax a bit after his frieds cheer him up. He smile and walk to the emergency room, where his sweetheart is waiting.

Each breath he take, each step he walk, he is panicking. This is his first time. He was not there when Hani gave birth to his cute little Taehyung. Finally, he saw his love laying on the bed with her eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed. He walk to Hani and hold her hand in his'.

"Sweetheart, why do you look so worried? You can do this. We can do this, alright." Baekhyun said and place her hand on his mouth, kissing it whenever he wants. Hani relax a bit when she saw Baekhyun in front of her. 

"I'm scared" Hani said and she hold his hand tighter. "You can do it, sweetheart. For you, me and our baby" Baekhyun said. Hani smile.

"I love you, baby." Baekhyun said out of nowhere. He look at her deeply.

"I love you too, puppy" Hani replied, smiling. Suddenly,

"Mrs Byun, are you ready?" The doctor ask. 

Hani look at Baekhyun and the usually-noisy-guy smiled encouragingly at her.

"I am ready"


"BAEKHYUN!!!" Hani screamed his name and hold onto his poor hands, Baekhyun's other hand are carassing her hair and he will kiss her now and then to calm her down eventho he is beyond scared.

"Sweetheart, you can do this!" Baekhyun said and keep on saying the same thing to Hani. 

I must do this for him and my baby

"Thats right, Mrs Byun! Your baby is getting out. You can do it!" The doctor said. 

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