The Truth

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after 2 months Baekhyun and D.O went to New York.

Baekhyun and Minji are in his office, talking about some important stuff.

Knock knock

"Come in!" Baekhyun said. D.O walk in with a straight face. "Minji sshi, please excuse us for a while?" D.O said. Minji is scared of him since the first day she met him. D.O have always look at her with a hateful look. As if he hate her presence.

"What do you want to talk about?" Baekhyun said, twirling his pen on his long beautiful fingers. D.O stare at him. 

"Baekhyun, you haven't call Hani yet? You should stop spending time with Minji! Don't you think of how Hani feel?" D.O ask.

Baekhyun stop playing with his pen and turn his attention to D.O, "What are you trying to say?" Baekhyun look at D.O.

"What I'm saying is—" Baekhyun wait for D.O to continue his sentence, "—do you love Minji?" Baekhyun stop for a while to compare Minji with Hani.

"Hm..D.O...I think I like her... She make me feel complete." Baekhyun said. D.O is shocked hearing his answer.

"How could you—? What about Hani, then??? You think she is better than Hani? Baekhyun, you are just lonely, thats why you turn your feelings to Minji." D.O explain, trying to bring his best friend's sanity back. "Its been 2 months, Baek. Almost 3 months now." D.O adds.

Baekhyun still think Minji is better than Hani. "Hani is not a lovey dovey person like Minji. Minji is someone full of aegyo just like me and she's cute. And I think she is sexier than Hani. Hani" Baekhyun simply said.

D.O start to feel anger boiled in him, "Baekhyun, do you love Minji, really?" He ask.

"—I do

"What even—" D.O stare at Baekhyun in disbelief. Something in him snapped

"Baekhyun, if you are going to continue this nonsense, I'm gonna fight for Hani." D.O said while eyes still looking directly into Baekhyun's. He is serious. He don't want Hani to get hurt, he don't want Hani to feel sad. All he ever wish is for Hani's happiness and he has been holding back for quite a long time now.

"" Baekhyun is shocked. He loved her...till now? Baekhyun thought. All his life, he has never seen D.O like this. "Whatever, I still love Minji." And with that, D.O walk to the door and stop, he turn his head back

"I hope you won't regret saying that" D.O said. Baekhyun hold his breath

"—because Hani's happiness is mine too. I am going to protect her this time."


Meanwhile in Korea, Hani is busy with handling boys, grown up men inside her house.

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