The Proposal 2

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"will you marry me?"

Hani knew this day would come, but she never knew that it would be this fast. Hani look at Baekhyun and her lips turn into a smile, showcasing her perfectly arranged teeth. Her eyes are twinkling. 

"Yes. Yes, I'll marry you, Byun Baekhyun" Hani finally said. Baekhyun stand up and hug her that instant. Just by looking at his face, anyone can tell that he is happy and relieved. He is not smiling but its very obvious that he is very happy.

Everyone in the hall clap and share their happiness. Suho burst into tears, "He's all grown up, Kris :')" Suho said while wiping his tears. "Yeah. Its like only yesterday we taught him how to respect girls" Kris reply and pats Suho's back. Chen and Chanyeol are recording the scene. "We should show him the video 10 years later" Chanyeol said to Chen. "Damn right we should." Chen grinned and high five with Chanyeol. Tao is literally crying in happiness all by himself. Anyone who see him can feel the aura 'do not disturb'. Sehun and Kai are jumping in joy like little kids. Lay is sleeping. Xiumin and Luhan are looking at the sight proudly, "Our little princess... :')" Luhan said to Xiumin. "She belong to someone else now." Xiumin reply. Meanwhile, D.O is watching from far with Mina beside him. If only... He thought. Mina saw the look in his eyes. She then try to have a little talk with D.O to cheer him up. She know she can't make him any happier but at least he feel better. Mina is trying her best to entertain him not as a lover, but as a friend. What Do Kyungsoo need now is a friend. 


Baekhyun is still hugging Hani. 

"Thank you. Thank you so much. You don't know how happy I am right now." Baekhyun said softly beside her ear. Hani chuckle a little. 

"I do. I feel the same way too, sweetheart" Hani replied and pull Baekhyun's head closer to her and they share a sweet kiss together.

Baekhyun look at the girl in front of her and he smile to himself

I Love You

I really do..


Hani and Baekhyun walk to their sit, holding into each other's hands, refusing to let go.

"Congratulations, guys!! Baek, I always thought you are gonna be a sassy ahjumma that live the rest of your life watcing fashion police in your big mansion but wow. You are a man." Chen said earning a glare from Baekhyun. The whole table burst into laughter.

"I thought so too" Chanyeol adds. "*gasp* Not you too!!! SAME HERE" Suho said. Baekhyun frown and jutted his lower lips. 

"Sweetheart, how can they treat me this way :<" Baekhyun said to Hani. Hani laugh in return and touch his face gently. "There, there, love. Don't be so sad, hm? Not everyone got to be called a sassy ahjumma!" Hani said. Everyone laugh again. Baekhyun's pout is deeper. 

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