The Project Partner

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Everyone stare at D.O's and Hani's hands.

Meanwhile D.O look kinda blur and he look at the teacher in front of him instead. Hani shook her hand out of D.O's grasp. D.O look at Hani confusingly and he is greeted by Hani's red face. The end of his lips tugged into a smirk and he look at Hani. Hani on the other hand look away. The teacher on the other hand are confused of what is happening because the classroom seems to be in silent and he can feel the tense air around EXO's seat place, Baekhyun's seat place. Wasting no more time, the teacher began to walk to D.O and Hani.

"So..why are you late? Where did you go?" The teacher look at them with face still confuse as ever and waiting for their answer

"Uhh we went to the toilet just now. We are sorry that we are late.." Hani answered on behalf of her and D.O's as well. Hani's lips turns into a smile and her eyes twinkling.

"Oh its okay. Come on, enter the class. The lesson are gonna start." The teacher said to both of them and smile. After all, Hani is every teacher's favourite student. She tops all exams! The teachers could care less if she enter the class late or what, as long as she enter the class, thats what matter the most.

"Thank you, Mr Park!" Hani smile and walk to her seat with D.O following behind her.

"Thank you for saving me just now. If you are not there, he will definitely give me detention after school" D.O said and look at Hani.

"Its okay. Nothing big, D.O sshi" Hani simply answered while looking infront. D.O frown as Hani talk to her formally.

"Just call me D.O." D.O said and Hani nods. D.O think for a while and replied "No, no. Just call me Kyungsoo. You can call me Kyungsoo" D.O added. Hani look at D.O.

Unbelievable. Everyone knows that no one call him Kyungsoo! And he hates it when anyone call him Kyungsoo. Even EXO call him D.O all this time. Hani thought while looking at 'Kyungsoo'.

"Done staring at my perfection?" D.O ask while look infront. The corner of his lips tugged into a smirk.

"First of all, i'm not staring at your face. And second of all, you are not that handsome. I were just thinking of something, thats all" Hani replied cooly

D.O look surprised. And he laugh a little as he heard Hani snaps at him

No one talk to like that, ever. But this girl do whatever she wants. I can't believe we bully her everyday before. She's really one of a kind. D.O thought to himself.

"Okay class, I need all of you to do a presentation for this topic because even if I teach you guys here, you won't listen because its 'boooooringgggg', right? So, you will make the presentation with the person that seat beside you. No complaints and thats final. And...D.O, are you going to make the project alone as usual?" Mr Park ask D.O

"Its okay. I'll do it with Hani" D.O asnwered. Mr Park look a bit surprised because D.O is not someone who do projects with anyone. D.O usually do his project all by himself mainly because :

1) He don't like to work with anyone because he said he is comfartable working alone

2) Everyone are scared of him because he always give that cold aura. Eventhough a lot of girls like him, they are not brave enough to even talk to him.

"Ooookay then. Is that okay with you, Hani?" Mr Park turn to Hani and ask for her opinion.

"Its okay with me" Hani answered. Mr Park nods and give each group a different topic.

"You will present this next week. Today is Friday so you have about 2 days to complete it. Its not that much . So, good luck" Mr Park said to his students while arranging his stuff on the table.


"My class is over. Don't forget to do it! I will add the marks to your next exam to make you feel better xD " Mr Park remind his students for the last time before he left the class.

Baekhyun POV

Aish there goes my 2 days off -__-

Baekhyun look at Hani and D.O.

Why are they holding hands just now? Why did she save D.O from Mr Park? Why does D.O accept her as a project partner? D.O always do projects alone. He even refuse to do it with any of EXO because "you guys are lazy!" he said. Does he like Hani? Is that why he keep on asking me about Hani? Aish whatever. I need to calm my mind. D.O is a cold guy. He will not like her.

"Baekhyun, when do we start?" Chen ask.

"We will do it during the weekends. Come to my house. My parents aren't gonna be home for the whole week." Baekhyun answers and lay his head on the table.

He close his eyes and..

Hello dreamland

No One POV

Class went as usual except that all the teachers' mood boost up because their favourite student are back.


"Okay students. Thats all for today. Don't forget to finish your homework and pass up next week" Ms Song said and walk out of the class.

Everyone make their way out.

And then theres Hani, almost finish Ms Song's work right on spot.

I want to have a relaxing weekend!!!! Hani motivated herself by saying that repeatedly in her head.

Once she is finished, she keep her books in her bags and smiling widely. She didn't realize D.O was there looking at her. Hani stops and she remembered that she still have to finish History project with D.O. In just a second, Hani's dazzling smile turn into frown.

"Why are you smiling and frowning the next second?" D.O ask and hide his laugh because Hani look really funny.

"Huh? Oh its you. I didn't realize you were there. I do whatever I want, Kyungsoo" Hani replied and start to walk out of the class

D.O hold her hand in a flash

"Wait, give your phone to me" D.O said and look at Hani.

"Why do you need it? Let go! I want to go home and sleep!!" Hani's frown is deeper now

"Just give me your phone for a while and then you can go back and sleep" D.O replied while smiling

Hani give her phone without any protest. D.O swiftly grab Hani's phone and dial his number.

"I will let you know my number later" D.O said and give back Hani's phone.

Hani didn't waste a second. She grab her phone and run out of the class.

D.O is left there not knowing what to say

Other girls should be on their way to the shopping mall by now while you want to go home and sleep. You are really one of a kind, Kim Hani.

D.O smiles and make his way out of the class to meet EXO for their 'end ot the week bubble tea shop visit'.

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