Bonus Chapter (Baekhyun)

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"Found you!!" Baekhyun scream while tugging Hani's hand and drag her to the living room. Hani groans and her eyebrows furrowed.

"Urghhhh. Why are we playing hide and seek again??" Hani ask and let Baekhyun drag her helpless body. Meanwhile a wide smile plastered on his face, "Because I want to play." Baekhyun just answer and he sit down. He pull Hani's hand and make her sit on his lap, backfacing him. He slide his arms on her waist and rest it on her tummy. He close his eyes and lean on Hani's shoulder, inhaling her sweet floral scent. Hani lean on him and close her eyes.

"Hmmmmmmm......How about we go out and have a dinner outside? Since Taehyung is at their house." Baekhyun said, tightening his hold on Hani. Hani think for a while

"Of course"

"Cool! Its 6 pm now. I want to take you out to a good pasta restaurant tonight. You better take a bath!" Baekhyun said, loosening one of his arm around her waist and play with her hair.

Hani turn around and pinch Baekhyun's arm "Yah! Of course I will! I'm not like you, lazy to take a bath!" She said and run away. She stop her track for a while and wink at him and continue to run.

Baekhyun look at his wife, dazed with her sudden action. Winking? Sooo not Hani's style. He thought and chuckled. 

But she's cute though.


"Aaaaaaaaan we are hereeeee!" Baekhyun said and park his car. He quickly get out of his car and go to open the passangers' door for Hani. Hani come out and check her dress. 

Hm...this dress better not mess up! Hani thought. While Baekhyun is chuckling, seeing Hani in the beautiful dress he bought for her not long ago. "Honey, you look great! Don't worry about your dress." Baekhyun said and Hani look at him. "Really?" Hani asked.

"Really. Although you look good without it but the dress look pretty on you" Baekhyun said casually and link their arms together. Baekhyun look at him and slap his arm playfully.

"Byuntae!" Hani said with her cheek tainted pink. Baekhyun laugh. "I was joking!" He said and Hani stop slapping him, walking along beside him to the restaurant.

"—although part of it is true and you know how much I like it—Ouch! " Baekhyun said while grinning and his expression changed a split second after.

"We are at a restaurant, Baekhyun! Behaveeeee!" Hani said and laugh slightly. Baekhyun smile and let the waitress lead them to their table. Apparently, the restaurant owner is one of Baekhyun's close friend so he get a very special treatment, especially when he wants a perfect dinner with his lovable wife. "This is your table" The waitress said. Baekhyun and Hani thank her and sit down. 

They sit for a while and talk about random things and laugh once in a while.

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