The Date

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That night, Hani did a bit research for the History project that she and Kyungsoo need to do together. Hani look at the clock in her room

Its almost midnight... Time to sleep!

Hani tuck herself on the bed and close her eyes, ready to be in her dreamland when suddenly her phone rings. The caller is unknown. Hani pressed the green button. She heard a voice. A soft as velvet yet a deep voice talking to her.

"Hello? Hani, this is Kyungsoo." The caller introduce himself and Hani snapped out of her thought.

"Oh hey. What do you want?" Hani ask him because he need a very good excuse to call her in the middle of the night.

"Just to let you know that we should start our project tomorrow. We do it at your house or my house instead?" Hani think for a while and look at her room. Her pink dominant room.

"Uhh lets do it at your house instead." Hani said while walking around her room, her habit when she's on the phone.

" where do we meet?" Hani certainly don't want anyone to come to her house so she think of other place to go.

"What about the bubble tea shop near our school?" Hani suggest while stop infront of her mirror.

"Great! So...we meet at the buble tea shop. 11 am sharp?" D.O asked to gain comformation from Hani. Meanwhile, the said girl is pressing her lips to thin line and think about her plans for tomorrow.

"Okay." She answer while staring at her reflection on the mirror.

"So its a date?" D.O ask. Hani's breath hitched and her face went pink.

"W-what are you talking a-about? We are gonna finish our project thats all!" Hani talk, voice a pitch higher.

D.O laughed and added "I was just joking, Hani. But you sound like you wanted to make it real?" D.O tease her while smiling on the other line.

"Y-yah, Do Kyungsoo!" Hani's voice went another pitch higher. Her face is flushed red. She is not used with this kinda talk.

"Kidding kidding. I'm sorry. Please don't be angry at me, ne?" D.O added while trying to hide his laugh.

"Yeah whatever. I want to sleep now. So, anything else?" Hani quicly brush off the topic.

"Nothing. So, good night Princess Hani. Sleep well!" D.O said and quickly disconnect the line.

"What was that?" Hani whisper to herself. She shrugged it off and lay on her queen sized bed again.


After disconnected the line, D.O lay on his bed and stare at the ceiling. He put his hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat beating a bit faster than usual.

Why am I feeling like this? D.O ask himself while thinking of Hani's sweet voice. Soon, he drift off to dreamland while thinking about Hani.


The Next Morning

Hani wake up with the sound of birds singing outside her window ;))

Hani stand up and look at the time

9 AM

Hm.. 2 hours left to get ready.

Hani lazily walk to her bathroom. She walks in her bathroom and close the door.

20 minutes later ;))

Hani walks out of her bathroom and wear a nice summer dress. After getting ready, Hani walk downstairs to have a little breakfast.

After Hani finished her breakfast, she ask her driver to send her to the bubble tea shop near her school.

10:50 AM

Hani arrived in front of the shop. She enter the shop and make her order. Hani sit and waiting for her-

1) Chocolate bubble tea

2) Do Kyungsoo

11 AM

Hani drink her bubble tea while surfing the internet using her phone when someone sit in front of her.

"Hey. So, you ordered? How long have you been waiting? I'm not late am I? Do I look good?" the person ask her while fixing his hair

"Hey. No you are not. Why are you so worried of how your hair look? We are here to finish our project. Not to go on a date" Hani asnwer while looking at the person in front of her confusedly.

"No, we are not going to finish our project because I already finished it yesterday. And yes, we are going to date today" the person answer her while looking at her eyes and dart his eyes away after a while "a-and you look pretty today.." he adds.

"What??? You finished it all by yourself? This is supposed to be a group project! Date?? Why? And..uhh..thanks. You look pretty too." Hani aswers

"Thanks, my mother tells me that everyday- wait, pretty??? Is that a compliment??" D.O's eyes widens and his cheeks are a bit pink.

Hani laughes softly and quickly added "I was just joking. You look great today."

D.O laugh and slowly standing up.

"Lets go. We are going on a date today."


Hani is seated on the passenger's seat. Not knowing where are they heading to.

"Where are we going?" Hani ask out of curiousity

"We are going to the mall." D.O asnwer shortly while glace at Hani's face for a while

She is so pretty.. D.O snaps out of his thought quickly when they arrived at the mall. D.O park his car and get out of the car followed by Hani.

"Lets find somewhere to eat" D.O grab Hani's hand and drag Hani to a western restaurant. They are seated opposite each other and they ordered the same food since D.O insisted to eat anything that Hani wants to eat.

"So why are we on a date so suddenly?" Hani started the conversation.

"Remember when I say I will make up my mistake? Just take this as my way of making it up to you." D.O answer and look at Hani.


Their food arrived. They eat in a comfortable silence. D.O steal a glance at Hani and saw her hair almost touch her food. He come a bit closer to Hani and tuck her hair behind her ears.

"Your hair will get dirty" D.O reasons and smiling sweetly at Hani.

TOO CLOSE. TOO CLOSE. Hani mentally say to herself inside her brain.

Hani blushed and thank D.O. He smiles and continue to eat.


Both of them are full. D.O paid for the food and now they are walking in the mall. Not knowing where to go, just walk beside each other when suddenly-

"D.O hyung!!!!!!!!!" A wild Kai runs to him out of nowhere . Kai hugged him as if they hadn't meet for a long time.

D.O let go of their 'bro hug' and ask Kai "What are doing here?" Kai childishly grins and look at Hani.

"Are you guys on a date?? Sorry that I interrupt!" x) Kai ignore D.O's question and talk to Hani instead.

Hani smiles awkwardly and look at D.O.

"Kai, I asked you. What are you doing here?" D.O ask and look deep into Kai's eyes

Kai gulped "oh hyung. I'm here to have fun with Sehun, Chen and Baek-" Kai didn't get to finish his sentece when someone walk in the scene and cut him

"What are you doing here with Hani?"


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