The Good Day

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"Oh my GOD"  the only sentence that Baekhyun are able to think of at this moment.

Baekhyun run to Hani and pull her in a bone crushing hug. He lift her and spin her around. Hani giggle and circle her arms on Baekhyun's neck. Baekhyun look so, so happy that he is smiling so bright and his eyes are turning into crescents. His cheeks are tinted pink. 

The crowds at the canteen are squeling in happiness. Some of them even recorded the whole scene. EXO are sitting at their place, face looking so proud and happy for the new couple of Seoul High. Chanyeol and Chen are hugging each other. Luhan look at the scene and secretly hope that Baekhyun will not break or give a scar to Hani's heart. 

Meanwhile, D.O excuse himself from the crowd and went straight to the toilet. He feel miserable. How can I am not happy for them? Why do I feel angry, sad and jealous instead? Damn it. D.O thought inside the toilet. He look at his face on the mirror and wash it a few second later. He don't feel good at all. Since when they become close with each other? D.O ruffle his hair and walk out of the toilet.

"Students in the cafeteria, please go back to your respective classes" The teacher announced, breaking the moment.

All students walk in their class. Including Baekhyun and Hani. They are walking back to class hand in hand. They enter the classroom together with a wide smile on their faces. Some students even congratulate them when they are on their way to the class.

"Well well well, the couple is hereee!" Chen said with that high pitch voice of his, grabbing every single student's attention to the couple. D.O stopped talking to Mina for a while and look at Hani. His eyes are gazing at her's. Hani can feel D.O's stare and she look somewhere else.

Everyone cheered for the couple and teasing them until both Hani and Baekhyun's cheek are red. "Ooooh I don't know that a bad boy can blush too!" Chanyeol added and everyone continue to tease them. Hani bury her face in her hands and Baekhyun hide his face on Hani's shoulder. 

"Shut up, idiots!" Baekhyun muffle his scream at Hani's shoulder. "Yah yah, lets give the couple some space,hm?" Chen said and their classmates sit at their place with a teasing smile. 

D.O just stare at them. 

"Oppa? Are you alright?" Mina asked D.O. D.O look at Mina and kiss her cheeks "Of course I am" and he smiles. Making Mina blush.

Hani saw Mina and D.O. She feel very sad. First love is always the hardest to forget after all. Baekhyun pull Hani to stand closer to him. "Don't think about it, okay?" Baekhyun said and look at Hani worriedly. Hani nod and smile at Baekhyun.

The teacher entered the class and Hani sit at her place, beside D.O.

"Hey." D.O said to Hani. Hani only smile in return. D.O frown and hold Hani's arms. Hani look at D.O with a surprised face. "What are you doing, D.O?" Hani ask. D.O's frown is deeper now. "Why are you like this? You won't call me Kyungsoo anymore?" D.O ask. Hani feel guily, like really guilty.

"I'm sorry, D.O—I mean Kyungsoo.." D.O smile hearing her saying his name. D.O hold her hand, "Why do you still hesitate to call me Kyungsoo, Hani? Say it again. Pleaseeee" D.O, the cold guy of Seoul High, is pouting and do the puppy eyes right now. He tug on Hani's hand, looking like an abondoned puppy.

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