The Ex-husband's Regret

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"Why can't I see my own son??" Baekhyun ask in fury when EXO won't let him in. "Just give up, Baekhyun. I can't believe after everything you have said and done to Hani, you still dare to come here." Luhan said and Kris standing in front of him, hovering him with his height.

Baekhyun then walk away to the nearest garden in the hospital where there is not so many people there. He sit on the grass and his face, blank. Minji called him so many times now but not even once he picked up her calls. He just let it be as nothing matters more than what he is feeling right now. 

He feel so left out. He felt so wrong. The sky is darker now, its raining. Everyone else run into the hospital to take shelter but as for Baekhyun, he prefer to let the rain pouring on him. 

He close his eyes and let his mind shut off. He stare at Hani's ward from the garden.

He chuckle, Of couse her ward is near to the garden. She love flowers.. He thought while smiling. He completely forgotten everything else for now. The only thing in his mind is 

Him, Hani and their son.


Baekhyun decided to stop by Minji's apartment to have someone to talk to. He arrived in front of the door. He turn the door knob. Huh? Its unlocked..She must be in a rush, then.

Baekhyun walk in Minji's apartment. Its his second time coming here. Minji insisted that they should not meet or hang out at her house but somewhere else instead. Baekhyun, of course feel weird about it but he shrug it off, thinking maybe she need privacy or what.

He walk in the apartment and open the door to Minji's room. There, in her room, Minji is with a guy that is unknown to him. They are talking about something and laugh evilly on the bed, under the comforter, naked.  Baekhyun froze and stop his track when he heard his name. They are talking about me.

"So are you going to marry him?" The man ask her while playing with her hair. "Of course. Our plan is going smooth. He is head over heels with me. I don't mind marrying him, he is drop dead gorgeous after all. He signed the divorce paper with his wife. I can marry him and be a rich woman. But I'll find some time for you, baby." Minji said and peck his cheeks. 

"Oh, really? Don't ever show your face in my office or anywhere near me because I'm off, bitch." Baekhyun step in the room and said the sentence sternly. Minji and the man look at him. Minji's face is priceless, she is shocked and try to get up and talk to Baekhyun

"B-Baekhyun, baby—" She said when Baekhyun push her. "Go away before I hurt you. You know very well what I am capable of" Baekhyun said and storm out of her apartment.

Baekhyun drive to nowhere in particular. He just drive and park randomly. He enter the nearest cafe and sit beside the window.

Damn it. Damn it. He thought. 

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