The Confusion

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The rest of the classes went as usual, no, unusual to Baekhyun. He think there is something bothering him but he don't know why. His gaze land on Hani's back. He calm down a bit seeing her in such a peaceful mood. He focus on the teacher. He groans. Can't time like, move faster already???  Hani heard him groaning. She chuckled and turn back for a while. She smile while handing Baekhyun sweets. Baekhyun just stare at her.

"Well...Don't you want it?" Hani ask for the second time since Baekhyun didn't heard her the first time. Baekhyun nods and smile like a child, "Of course I do! I need those supply of energy!" Baekhyun said playfully and earn a light laugh from Hani. She smile at Baekhyun and points to the teacher "listen!" Baekhyun just wave his hand in front of her. She smiles and look in front.

"Whats the matter?" She heard D.O ask her. Hani look at him and mouthed 'nothing'. D.O nods and look in front. His eyes are focused on the teacher but his mind is somewhere else. 

I think I like Mina. But I think I like Hani too—well I'm not sure about Hani but i think I like her....or not. I just feel like I need to take care of her and protect her. But Mina..makes me feel different. Ergh I don't know anymore.

D.O is too deep in thought that he didn't realize that the bell ring, signalling school is over. Someone shook his shoulder gently.

"Wake up. School's over" D.O don't know who is talking to him, he can't process her voice.

"Min—oh. Hani?" Hani frown. So you think me as Mina, now? Hani thought.

"I need to go now. Wake up. Mina is waiting for you outside the class. So you guys are an item now? You and Mina look close." Hani said while making her way to the door.

"Okay, good bye Hani. See you tomorrow!" D.O said from inside the class. Hani walk through the school corridors and stop halfway.

He didn't asnwer my questions...


Hani likes to draw. Scratch that, she love to draw. She always bring her pencil and little notebook with her. Never thought Hani would be good in drawing, huh? She's not just a nerd, or a successful model or a star in her school. She is a very creative minded person. She can play piano, draw and dance, and she know ballet. That is why her figure is perfect, the way she talk and walk is soft. She is also a very grace person. In general, she sound like a very—very high classed person. Indeed, she came from a very well known family. Basically, her whole profile makes Hani look fragile. 

Hani make he way to the toilet. Her mind is in a semi-mess. Once she step in the toilet, she see Mina adjusting her skirt and hair and all. 

"Hey, Hani!" Mina greet Hani. Hani only manage to smile, and nod, acknowledging her presence. Mina look back at the mirror, smiling. Hani don't feel good since the moment she enter the class today. Hani wash her hands and about to make her way out of the toilet when Mina grab her hand from behind.

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